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SMF to vBulletin, any experience?

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  • SMF to vBulletin, any experience?


    I'm considering to convert from SMF 1.1.4 to vBulletin since I like they way it works, especially the powerful moderation functions.

    Anyway, has any of you converted your forum from SMF to vBulletin? How did it work? Didi you use the converter from this site? What is converted and what not?

    Thankful for all the info I can get, wan't to be sure that everythings works before I buy a license and mover over.

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    This is what's transfered by ImpEx to vBulletin:

    Importing is a fairly simple point-and-click system once you set up the configuration files and installed vBulletin.
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      Sounds good, how about the passwords?

      The imPex shows support fro SMF 1.1.2 but I'm running 1.1.4, is that a problem?


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        It doesn't say if it does or doesn't, actually... I don't know. As for your version, it should work. If it doesn't, you can let Jerry know and he will update ImpEx.
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          it doesnt import passwords
          because ( im no expert ) smf uses some different encoding ?
          so almost if not everything else will import
          i did it
          it was easy
          i was pretty hesatent
          and even started all over again before i did the import
          i thought o well just do it
          but make sure you read the instructions well
          and keep them handy while doing it
          there are a few questions i asked and didnt really read instructions
          otherwise i would have been able to fix first
          but you can check my first couple of posts to see what problems i had
          what happens with password thing is
          you send a mass email to all your users
          and in it has the link to your site
          they get there and see a message to register or reset password
          when they reset it they get a new one
          that lets them access the site then they can change it later
          when people had trouble doing that on my site
          i just changed it for them told them what i made the password to be
          then they logged in and changed it for themselves

          daniel d


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            I can confirm it does not import SMF's passwords. There is a suggestion in the online docs about what to do for any import where passwords cannot be imported.

            See for further info.


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              So besides the passwords, you think the ImPex software work good with SMF?
              Any other known problems when converting from SMF to vBulletin?


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                Apart from haven't to re-do all your board permissions there weren't any other issues I had importing.


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