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    You won't need the hack nexialys points out unless you have a large private section, like for instance premium forums for paying customers. On most sites, it won't really be a problem, 'cause it's usual to let all guests read posts, so they can see what the forum is about before they bother to register. If you only have hidden forums for yourself and your staff, it doesn't really matters if the ads there are relevant.

    Just to clarify between threads and posts: you make a post are each time you write in a forum. Each post belongs to a thread (you start a thread when you write the first post, so a thread always contains at least one post). And each thread belongs to a forum. vBulletin has different kind of permissions, so you can let a kind of users (a usergroup) see the list of threads in a forum, but not thread content (i.e, not the posts it contains). You need to let guests (the non registered users usergroup) to see the thread content in order for the ads to be relevant to the content
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      ok thanks for the info

      Do you think I am better off installing 3.6 then waiting for 3.7 RC?

      Or should I just install 3.7 and keep updating as releases are available and add the 3.7 mods?

      You guys sound like experienced users, I am not so to speak and know very little php coding except html/frontpage.



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        We don't recommend running 3.7 beta in a live environment as it is beta software and is unsupported. You should always run the latest stable version of vBulletin in a live environment. This is currently 3.6.8 Patch Level 2.


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          Great - thanks alot for the information.


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