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  • About same licence different domains

    I was wondering about the concept of having one license for multiple domains(on same server). I understand the forum's content has to be the same, however, what about if the different forums have the same content but in a different language?


    is this alright? As far as I can see this does not break the rule of the forums having the same content, it's just different languages.

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    Different language is not really the same content. Please explain further.
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      I think he means same content but in a different language. So if he is talking about cars.. in english, then he will talk about cars in french in the subdomain.


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        Okay you see i'm making a viceo gaming forum with my friend, in which we plan to invest 500-1000$ into.

        Now, what if I was to have the same forum, with the same forum setup but had say a few different domains like as I said

        Would this be okay? or would I need multiple liscenes?


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          The question is: Does the forum look the same under each domain? If yes, you need only one license, otherwise you need one license for each domain.

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            No, I believe that is not the case. You will require two licenses for that setup as "same content" refers to mirroring, meaning no differences (in text). Different languages would be considered different content.


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              I think that if both URLs point to different categories of the same forum and they are linked to the forum hompage (i.e, both have the breadcums to a common homepage), then it's doable with the same account I think, even if those sections use different styles are just part of the same board.

              Don't take my word for that, tho. Ask for staff response before going to that option.
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                You will need a license for each board if the content is different. This includes different languages.

                See this thread for more information:
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