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Considering buying Vbulletin

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  • Considering buying Vbulletin

    Is it really worth it? My friend and I plan to make a large scale gaming forum with it. Sucks though, I want to start developing it now, but I only have 127$.

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    Yes, it's worth it.


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      Care to explain? Please give reasons why I should use Vbulletin and not SMF?

      Also, any idea's of how i can get the small amount of money left remaining to buy the owned liscene would be great.


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        Well, there's an option of a leased license which cost $80, I believe. That will get you vBulletin for a year, and if you want to upgrade to an owned license you have 60 days to do so for only $85.

        I personally don't like SMF. It's not very structurally stable, in my experiences. The modifications are limited, the support isn't great, limited feature-wise, and all of these are the opposite of vBulletin.


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          wait wait wait wait!
          I can get Vb for 1 year with the leased, and any time during that period, buy the owned for 85$?
          hmmm...this is a very good option, i'll talk it over with my friend. it's a joint project after all. That should give him long enough to come up with his half of the payment....and then some for hosting.

          I'm very happy you gave me this information Chase. Are their any 'must have' mods that I should have? And are free.

          Now I just need paypal two make those small deposits in my bank accoutn to confirm my paypal account...
          This is wonderful.

          wait, you have only 60 DAYS? to get the owned for the other half of the money? Not a full year? That seems kind of....odd. Arer you sure you can't get it by paying another 80$ anywhere during the 1 year?


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            Well... you can upgrade for another $85 for the first 60-days you own the license, which should tell you if vBulletin is worth it or not. At that time, you can choose to upgrade, or continue to use vBulletin for another 305 days.

            If vBulletin allowed you to upgrade at any time, it'd be kind of useless, don't you think?

            All modifications are free at - which can only be downloaded by licensed members. A lot are good, you need to choose yourself. You can also sort by popularity, etc.


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              Okay. Now, I'm going toi buy the leased as soon as I get a strong fanbase/hype for our forum, and then set it up. I can make 80$ in exactly 60 days with savings. I get 60 days to then upgrade. Can I upgrade on the 60th day? Or the 60th day the offer is gone?

              also, I know this is not Vbulletin related, but it is in my case. I'm only 16. As such, i'm not completly sure on how to do paypal. I have set up a paypal with a bank/debit card, not a CREDIT CARD. Will this paypal still work? because it says they will be making two small deposits in 3-5 days to confirm i'm the true owner(not a fruad). I'm just worried that it might not work.

              The reason i think it might not work is because on my bank statement, my "account number" was ##-RESTOFNUMBERSHERE and I could not enter the dash in the paypal "account number" field, so i'm scared it won't work. I'm with CIBC.


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                Yes, you can upgrade on the 60th day.


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                  Please re-read my post, I have added new information.


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                    Its well worth buying I have used loads of forum software and vBulletin is the best by far for a start the support is first class and they fix exploits very fast mostly within days.


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