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Thinking of moving to full (owned) license

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  • Thinking of moving to full (owned) license

    I have had vBulletin installed for coming up to a year (well, in March anyway) and when I renew my license I am thinking about what advantages I would get from a bought license.

    The main advantage I can see is price, which would make it worth it in 3 years time, however I am very much aware that updates are only available for one year with an owned license.

    If I expected to upgrade my vBulletin software regularly over the lifespan of my forum (i.e. years) would I be better off just purchasing a new one-year license every year?

    Or are there other options for owned license customers for upgrades (e.g. discounted upgrade time-period extensions)

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    $30 a year for new updates for owned, versus $85 for leased.


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      Yeah the only difference is the price. You pay a big amount to start, but then yearly updates are cheap. It just takes very easy math to check, assuming prices never increase, compute the accumulated total.

      Full license:

      year 1: 160
      year 2: 190
      year 3: 220
      year 4: 250
      year 5: 280
      year 6: 310

      Leased license:

      year 1: 85
      year 2: 170
      year 3: 255
      year 4: 340
      year 5: 425
      year 6: 510

      Also, with a owned license you don't need to renew your license at all at the end of the year; you can run your existing version for ever (without upgrades) without paying anything. So, imagine you're lucky in your timing, and there are no important releases in three months after the expiration date of your license. Then, after four cycles, it'll add for 12 months "free". I.e, you will save something. With a leased license, you have to pay immediately when your license expires in order to (legally) continue running your board.
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        You don't need to continuously renew your owned license if you're not interested in keeping up with the latest new features and bug fixes. Security related patches is always available free of charge. For example; if I got my license on the day of #.#.0 release, and after the end of first year, I'm at #.#.3, as owned license holder, I don't need to renew my license if I don't want to upgrade to #.#+1.0 released later next year. I can still get security patches for my #.#.3 (it won't update the version number, and I won't get the bug fixes made after #.#.3 besides security issues) free of charge. Two years later, #+1.0.0 gets released, and I want to do an upgrade to that version, I renew for $30, and I'll have full year of access from that day again.
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          OK thanks guys, that actually makes sense.


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