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  • Multiple Domain Question

    Alright... well let me see if I have this correct:

    Would something like this be allowed?

    Say I have a vB forum set up at:

    And I have another domain pointing to:

    Going to a subforum inside the forum. Would that be allowed? (Also has it's own skin for the forum.) I'm thinking it should be allowed since it's all the same content, but I'm just wondering

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    I'm pretty sure you need a second license if you are making a second site


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      As far as I know, It's allowed unless you install some mod or something that "hides" content depending what domain the user is browsing. It's considered the same site since you can use the navbar to go back the forum home.
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        Originally posted by TheComputerGuy View Post
        I'm pretty sure you need a second license if you are making a second site
        It's not really a second site since it goes off to the same forum/content. No "other install" is done.

        Thanks for the feedback


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          If the other forum content is hidden and the purpose of this is to make it appear as a separate site, then this requires a second license.
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            Easiest way for me, personally, to decide whether or not its allowed:
            If I go to, do I see option to go to, for example, (forum homepage) from the navbar breadcrumb? If so, then go on; if no, then you will need a second license.
            If I go to (forum home page) from the breadcrumb, do I see the same list of forums and everything else as I would if I were to go to directly? If so, then you're fine; if not, then you will need a second license.

            As long as you are not hiding contents from your visitors, or try to pass it off as a separate site, then you should be fine. If you are still unsure, please submit a ticket with your full setup, including on how you intend to achieve the setup, and we can verify it for you
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              Oh thanks

              Kind of thought that was how it was Thanks for clarifying


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