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VB and MS SQL Questions

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  • VB and MS SQL Questions

    My company uses Microsoft SQL for all DB functions.

    1) Can I use VB with MS SQL or do I have to use MySQL?
    If I have to use MySQL this may be a sticking point for us.

    2) Does the DB have to be local or can it reside on another server?

    3) Can I referance the the DB server by name in config.php or does it have to be by IP?

    3a) If I can use the name does it have to be the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name)?


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    Thank you for your interest in the vBulletin Forum Software and for contacting vBulletin Sales.

    1. No - vBulletin requires MySQL, and won't run with MSSQL.

    2. The database can be hosted at any location, you can set the host and port in the config.php file.

    3. Host address can be '' or the IP version '' As long as the host resolves to an IP on the web server *(which should be by default)

    3a. On the web server where you run the forum, type: nslookup (obviously replacing the host with the mysql host) and if that resolves to an IP then you can use that host, if it doesn't, then use just the IP in the config.php file)

    All the best,