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Bots & Spammers???

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  • Bots & Spammers???

    I average 25 new bot & spam accounts a day on the forum I have now. (Not vB)

    I also have not owen vB in quite awhile, so I am not aware of any specific changes since I owned the software before.
    Without editing the software or any settings, how successful is vB at preventing the bots/Spammers?

    I hope I phrased that question to make sense, lol

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    If you use all the registration options (Random font, color, shapes, etc) in GD2, it will eliminate almost all the spam. If you still get spambots, they are rather manual or got past the GD2 verification.

    On there's a modification called "NoSpam!" for vBulletin 3.5 & 3.6, it is a text verification system that chooses (randomly) a question and answer from what you input from the AdminCP, which will pretty much get rid of 99.99% of spam with the advanced image verification.

    The only "bots" you would get would probably be manual registrations, with or without NoSpam from


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      With GD TrueType or ImageMagick, you almost no bot registrations, bots have not been able to crack our capcha as of yet.


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        Thanks Zach.

        The main reason I sold my vB last time was i had to add this mod to keep off spammer & add on that mod. I am quite dense when it came to putting on the mods & for me it was annoying.

        All I'd like to do is have a forum where the bots are kept at bay, use a custom theme & offer the ability to have banner ads for sponsors of certain sections. If I can achieve that with as few mods as possible, I am happy. *(I have someone to make the skin)


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          You've never had to use NoSpam! to keep spammers out since 3.5.


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            Theres a few more mods if you look on that will help prevent
            Sound District


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