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Question - How phpBB gets Converted to SMF

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  • Question - How phpBB gets Converted to SMF

    I read that there was a phpBB to vbulletin converter in the member section, which is a good sign. However, I have a question regarding how to conversion process works.

    I am considering converting to vbulletin from phpBB2 in the future. However, I have a couple of questions regarding the conversion process as I have my phpBB2 forums integrated with my site in various ways.

    First - when I convert phpBB to vbulletin, I assume the usernames will be kept. However, what about user_id? Will that field be kept the same as well for each username? I use the user_id field heavily and cannot have new user_id's for old member names, and cannot have newly registered members taking up user_id values that have been used in the past. This may be my biggest concern.

    Second - what about the user groups table? I haven't looked into vbulletin too deeply yet, but I assume it has user groups. If so, will it keep a similar structure? While I could work around this, it'd be easiest if I didn't have to.

    Finally, are vbulletin forums easy to integrate with a custom scripted site? with phpBB I can simply include about 20 lines of code that starts the phpbb session management and fills in the $userdata array with all the info regarding the user that just signed in. I will need a similar capability with vbulletin - basically keeping people logged in (sessions) as they switch between the forums and the main site, and having access to $userdata type array that holds values (mainly the username and user_id)

    That's all. I like the look and feel of vbulletin and am trying to switch to something a bit 'cleaner' than phpBB, but I need to know if I can switch easily as phpBB is integrated in with my site and I cannot interfere with members (it's paid, afterall)

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    Userids will possibly change.

    Usergroups will be imported and users placed into the usergroups they were in in phpBB.

    Yes, that should work fairly well, simply by including the global.php file.
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      1. The user id's are likly to change
      2. vBulletin does indeed have user groups, which work in pretty much the same way.
      3. Im not sure about that myself but someone on might know.

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        Hmm - changing user_id is the primary thing that would stop me then. As it is now, the user_id is tied into the payments for subscriptions on the site. It may not be the best set up, but that's how it is and I can't really go through and change all the current subscriptions.

        So I guess there is no sure way to do it that would leave the user_ids as they stand?


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