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    Hi everyone! My name is Mandy and I'm in the process of planning a website and really want to add a bulletin board for my visitors to join and interact with each other. I'm somewhat familiar with vBulletin as I was a moderator to a website that ran it. I know about the basic mod functions and stuff like that, but as far as installing it to a website goes... I know very little about that!

    At one point I did have a different website which used a different bulletin. I was able to install it myself, but it took me several nights to figure it out! That was also a few years ago. I'm not quite sure I'll remember how to do that.

    With that said, if I were to buy a license and attempt to install it myself would I be able to purchase the professional install if I can't figure it out? If I messed it up in the process of trying to figure it out (which is probably a good possibility) would it still be possible?

    I'm still in the beginning stages and I'm not looking to spend TOO much money on this project, but I want it to go as smooth as possible as well!

    Thanks for reading!
    - Mandy

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    Hi Mandy. Yes you can attempt to install it, and if you have difficulty installing it, have a professional do it for you. Good luck with your site ideas