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pre-sales concerns with integration and mobile content

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  • pre-sales concerns with integration and mobile content

    Before we purchase this software we have questions and concerns that need to be addressed before proceeding forward and purchasing a license.

    • Is the following below able to be accomplished with vBulletin?
    • Access to member data MUST be limited to only those who are registered members and who are logged in to the board. Those who are lurking unregistered must not have access to member data.
    • The board MUST be resistant to "Registration Spam". This must include the use of random generated visual screening codewords at the time of registration, AND there MUST be a feature where newly registered board members are automatically prevented from posting URLS either in posts or in their sig until they have successfully posted 20 times.
    • Have separate access via mobile device. We understand that mobile access to the vBulletin system is obtained via a specific skin but need clarification on this feature.
    • The ability to convert a previous from phpBB to vBulletin.
    • The conversion of the discussion board from the existing phpBB forum software to the new software must take place without the loss of membership data or forum threads.
    • If during our installation/configuring we find that the above concerns are indeed unable to be met through vBulletin, what is the return policy?

    Thank you for your time, we look forward to your response.

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    Yes, your questions/concerns are possible with the permission and captcha (image verification) systems which come default with vBulletin.
    As for the mobile devices, your server-setup can be configured to forward the user directly to a forum-address using the specific mobile device/PDA style.
    phpBB conversion is possible using the ImpEx system, which you can download after your purchase.
    I believe requests for a refund is considered on a case-by-case basis. As vBulletin is visible-source refunds aren't guaranteed, but a partial refund can be requested in a support ticket.

    You should spend time on the Admin Demo and browsing these forums to make sure your purchase is as informed as possible beforehand.

    I hope I was able to address most of your concerns in this rather brief reply.
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