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Pre purchase phpbb2 to vBulletin question

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  • Pre purchase phpbb2 to vBulletin question

    Hello all,

    I'm hoping to make the switch from phpbb2 to vBulletin here in the near future. I have a few concerns I need to address before I made the switch.

    Right now I hook into the phpbb2 login system site-wide. I have basically created a whole blogging system using phpbb2 for login and site access while storing all the data in separate tables. Now here are my questions:

    1. How easy is it to hook into the vBulletin login system for sitewide use?

    2. All of my custom user data, blogs and comments are stored by using the phpbb user ID to identify each user. When I convert my phpbb data over to vBulletin will the user ID still be the same? This is absolutely crucial as I have thousands of rows of data that rely on the user ID.

    Any insight on these matters will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    1. Im not sure so someone else will have to answer

    2. UID's are certainly going to change.= if only incremented by 1 or a few more.


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      Youch! That isn't the answer I wanted to hear. I'd like to ask if anyone could expand upon this. If they are all just incremented by a certain fixed number I could certainly just write a small script to update my other tables.

      Still curious about #1 as this is crucial to my decision. Thanks for the insight so far.


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        1. Integrating vBulletin with a non-vB applications requires modifying the base code. Of course, we cannot provide official support for code modifications. The place for help with this would be over at the mod site:

        Once you register you can post in the Pre-Sales forum there.

        2. All userids, postids, threadids, forumids, etc. will change.
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