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Does this violate the vBB's copyright?

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  • Does this violate the vBB's copyright?


    Here is my story:

    I posted about several hundreds articles in a vBulletin forum during this year, and recently mass-downloaded them all from the "archive" view-option, to my hard drive.

    And plan to upload those articles to my newly built website (this site does not use vBB at all), with a index page for visitors to read those pages.

    I then realized that each of this page I downloaded has a footer notice like:
    " vBulletin 3.X.X, Copyright ©2000 - 2007, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. "

    I really don't want to open each of these several hundreds of web pages and manually delete the footer info.

    So, here i come:
    1. I own the copyrights of all of the contents of the web pages, since I wrote them myself.
    3. Each of these page has that footer. And the only thing in these pages that may belong to
    Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd is the footer itself. (since I used the archive function)
    4. The place I'm about to put those web pages does NOT have vBB at all.

    I personally do not think keeping those footers is a violation of vbb's copy rights. But I want to make sure.

    Could any one from vBB team give me a official answer pls ?

    Perhaps, if anyone knows how to batch-edit those pages, please let me know. It would be a great help to me.


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    The copyright is only for the vBulletin script not the articles you post within the script, So I cannot see any problem in you removing the copyright at the bottom as if your not using vBulletin again its not there copyright as its your article.


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      Thanks Dave.

      Sorry, I may have not made my question clear.

      I was thinking keeping those footers.
      Cuz, its gonna take me forever to delete them one by one.


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        Originally posted by superpartical View Post
        Thanks Dave.

        Sorry, I may have not made my question clear.

        I was thinking keeping those footers.
        Cuz, its gonna take me forever to delete them one by one.
        Dont think they would mind if you did not remove them as its free advertising for jelsoft.


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          i seriously doubt anyone is going to care, the true point is not using the functionality of posting, not reading the articles in the archive

          ur not using the functionality so u should be fine, but prolly best to ask one of the head guys


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            Thank you

            With Keyser and Dave's answer, I think the chances that it's ok is like 99.999%.

            Now just waiting for someone from vBB tells me the same and closes this case.

            Thank you Keyser, and thank you again Dave.


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              actually, nobody from vBB will answer you... ...vBB is a dead project for decades, you are actually on vBulletin..
              oh no, i'm not going with Xenforo... come on, i'm better than that... i stick with Wordpress... rofl


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                My mistake

                OK, sorry, my mistake.

                If I said vbb at any point, I meant vBulletin all the way.


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                  everybody knew it, it was just to make sure you will not use this term wrongly in real life...

                  and you already have the answer for your request... THAT copyright notice is touching the software...

                  actually, you have to go to the site you took the archives and seek for their own copyright, like on my site here:

                  if nothing indicate the property of your own content - because you're the one who posted the articles, you are free to use them...

                  and displaying a copyright is just a advertisement for the owner of it..
                  oh no, i'm not going with Xenforo... come on, i'm better than that... i stick with Wordpress... rofl


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                    If you use content written by you, that's your copyright, you're free to handle your own work the way you want to. In order to use vBulletin source code or images, in other words Copyrighted work owned by Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. you have to a) own a license before b) you can use it and c) it then has to of course include the copyright.

                    If the archived pages are just downloaded pages it will therefore include that vBulletin copyright notice which is in the footer. You can then just copy/paste the content of those posts into your database (via an import) or your new site via an article submit or however you insert it.

                    I am sure the archive pages aren't the actual source code from vB, and then simply don't use any images such as the logo.


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                      I understand.


                      First of all, the main contents of the archive pages that i downloaded from the vB board belongs to me and they are plain text and do not have any logos of vB, nor any actual code/script from vB. Except the name of vB and its company.

                      Second, I have checked few references from other sources online, it seems just as everyone has described, simply mentioning the product name does not raise any copyright issues in most cases. And since they are footers, they are not related to anything I wrote.

                      Third, I have decided to gradually remove those 100s of footers, anyway.

                      I have now come to a conclusion that this is almost not a real matter, instead of me being over-concerned.

                      I thank you everyone for your input.

                      All of you have a nice day.


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                        What format are the pages saved in? It was be very simple to do a "find and replace" for the text using word, dreamweaver, etc.:

                        Find: "the copyright notice text"
                        Replace with: " "


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