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.CSV Upload to VBulletin?

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  • Andy Huang
    There is no built in function to do that. The automatic posting engine accepts RSS feeds only at this time. You will need to check over at for something like this.

    As a side note; you're currently not showing up as licensed here. You may wish to add your email address to the priority support form: so you can get access to downloading resources off of here and

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  • Henrykjr
    started a topic .CSV Upload to VBulletin?

    .CSV Upload to VBulletin?

    I am wondering if there is a .CSV upload module to create postings to VBulletin.

    I already own Vbulletin for one of my other websites and love it.

    Now I am look to purchase another liscense and run Vbulletin as a directory website where a post might be a piece of information about something and then a contact number.

    Any idea?
    Regards, Henry

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