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  • Purchasing vBulletin

    I looked around a bit, but still could use some help

    I haven’t made the purchase just yet, but when I do I was curious just how exactly to upload it to the server (I don’t want to pay for professional installation). Is there certain technical coding involved? Do current webhosts deal with installing it too? How difficult is it for most of you to install it?.

    I’m also a little lost when it comes to the purchasing options. What difference does the branding fee make? What logos does it refer to; can I still have my own site’s logo on the board without the fee? Will I still be able to purchase some options later if I desire them?

    Also, if I ever choose to change some things about it, will it still give me the same alternatives? For example, say I want to change the purpose, is it possible if I currently have it on one site, but wish to change the domain to something different, say its originally about sports, but I changed my mind so I get rid of the sports site and transfer it to a music site, is this possible?

    And if I ever have to change webhosts for whatever reason, will the license follow me. I think I would have to uninstall it on their server and reinstall it on a new server, right?

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    Most of your questions are answered in the Sales FAQ's at

    As for what you use the software for, as long as it's within the license conditions (found at you can use it for whatever you like and move it from one site to another but 1 license can ONLY be used on 1 site.


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      First off, I would say that installing vbulletin does need coding, but you don't need to know any programming language or something else.. If you wish to purchase it, then go ahead right now.. I wouldn't wait a sec if I have got the cash!! After getting your license number/pass, you can download the latest version of vbulletin in your member's area[downloading the latest is recommended as it has more bug fixes and features..]. After that, open up your configuration file and here comes the coding part... You don't have to do stuff life echo,etc... That is the job of the support team. All you have to do is fill in the important info next to the options given there. This includes your database info,email id,etc... Please don't change stuff they tell you not to.. That is, read it carefully before editing it.. Even if you did mess up, you can download it again from the control panel.. After you have done that you should upload your files via ftp or your control panel[not sure if that is possible!!]. Maybe, your hosting company can install it for you..

      About the branding free option, you can purchase it for 120 bucks..[If I am right..].. But, I would go for the professional installation option rather than branding free because that one helps you come up with a smooth new board.... As for the logo in this forum... Yes, you can make your own logo and upload it to your site... Please make sure you do not accidentally or purposelyedit or cut out the copyright info down at the bottom.. If you do so, please open a ticket and ask for help immediately... Hope this helps..!!!


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        Thanks for the info everyone

        Just unsure about the whole branding free issue. Would I still get to choose colors, layout options, etc. without one? What exactly about Jelsoft and vBulletin does it remove from the design? Mainly, what are the differences between a regular and a branding free license?

        And does the professional installation include any branding free features, in any form?

        Thanks again
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          The professional installation includes the installation of the forums on your server, nothing else.

          As for the branding free option, this will allow you to remove the

          "Powered by vBulletin® Version 3.6.8
          Copyright ©2000 - 2007, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd."

          license at the bottom of your forums. Changing the themes, styles and colors you can do free with either option you choose.


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            OK, thanks for the clarification, Mark
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