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Is It Possible To Trace IP Addresses At Registration?

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  • Is It Possible To Trace IP Addresses At Registration?


    I am interested in purchasing software from vBulletin after having a ton of issues at my last forum. Simply I was filled with spammers, especially one in particular who would constantly join and spam my site. Another issue that I had was that I could not track their IP addresses at registration so I would have to ban them after they already started posting with their non-sense. I need security and at least the chances of severely minimizing this from happening, hence my decision to shop around with vBulletin.

    My questions are:

    1. If someone registers on the site, but does not post, is it possible for their IP address to still be found? I ask because I searched the vBulletin manual and found this quote in the Admin CP section...

    "You can track down trouble-making users by searching on the IP address that is logged when they make a post, then ban a mischievous user from the board."

    In other words, can an IP address still be found even if the user has no posts and just solely registered? I would guess not, after this quote.

    2. If it is, would the VBulletin software also provide me with the technology to trace the location of the people who are trying to infiltrate my site? Or would it just go back to their internet service provider?

    Any information regarding this would be great regarding the security that vBulletin has to offer. After the nightmarish experiences I've had at my last place, security is definitely something that has taken precedence in my search for quality forum software.


    John Walters

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    I believe you can do a member search in the AdminCP, which will then show you the IP address used when the member registered

    Correct me if i'm wrong


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      1) yes you can do it in admincp

      2) no. However, you can use the ip address and use other third party software to accomplish this
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        Refer to this thread -

        Hope this helps you
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