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upload video, audio, images & .pdf files...

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  • upload video, audio, images & .pdf files...

    I have a Classical guitar website that i am thinking about putting forums in.

    I would like to know if i can have users upload there own video / audio & youtube video

    also images 600x600 or larger and other files such as .pdf...

    IS yahoo ok to use as a server

    Thank you in advance

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    You could imageshack,tinypic,etc.. for image hosting... megavideo,youtube,etc.. for your videos and pdf files can be hosted by any file hosting site[i guess].. I wouldn't recommend letting your users upload content to your own server, because then you can get into legal issues if they break any copyrighted material... Just sayin..


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      User can upload any physical file that you allow to the forum. By physical file, I mean files that is accessible somewhere via their desktop without connectivity to internet. Their own videos/audios is also do-able, however, it will be resources intensive (YouTube for example, has hundreds and thousands of servers), and may require custom configurations to your server (php's max upload limit, MySQL's max packet size, etc.) which falls beyond vBulletin's scope.

      If you want to attach other not so physical files (IE: Youtube video or alike) can be embeded into their posts, but will require custom addon or custom bbcode etc. These, however, are custom, and we cannot provide support for them. The addon's developers are usually pretty good with helping people installing and using the addons, so you're in good hands too; I suppose
      Best Regards,
      Andy Huang


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