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  • Question on hosting

    I know you all get questions about "who's the best host for the money?" all the time. I have a similar question, but mine is a bit different. I'm not that interested in the cost. Low cost is not worth the frustration. I need a host I that is reliable, offers me the ability to seamlessly move up to bigger plans, to VPS or dedicated if need be, and understands the requirements and loads of VB. I HATE moving hosts. I'd rther pay $40 a month for a host than $10 a month if it's the right one.

    So, what is a host that most people can agree upon that meets these objectives?

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    I would recommend many webhosts...

    I've had good personal experience with:


    Or else, you could go with I haven't used it yet, but many people have good feedbacks about it


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      Hostnine is a very good hosting company 24/7 support and now with 7 locations to choose they are very good and great on price also supports all specs for VB


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        I appreciate the recommendations.

        Hey, since I've got you guys here, I'm a little confused over what Virtual Private Server is. Is that just a middle area between shared hosting and a dedicated server? Are they managed like Shared Accounts? Does one administer them much like a Shared account?

        I just know I'm going to outgrow a typical shared account, yet I don't want to go all the way up to a dedicated yet.


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          A VPS server means that it is originally part of a better server and grouped with other VPS', but it has more efficiency and it acts as a dedicated server..


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            Virtual Private Server is they take a high end server and split it up 8, 16, or 32 ways. Each "slice" thinks it is a whole computer, with access to a fixed % of the CPU, a fixed amount of RAM, and a fixed amount of hard drive. You can reinstall the operating system and have root access to your "slice".

            When VPS premiered it was very limited because let's say you have a machine with 2GB of RAM and you split it 16 ways. Each slice only gets 128MB of RAM. A vBulletin forum with ~50 online users will stay below 128MB, but let's say you have more people visiting for a busy day, or you have maintenance tasks that require a lot of RAM. Well on VPS, the thing will crash or lockup or just be exceptionally slow.

            VPS has gotten a lot better now because you have guaranteed RAM (typically 128MB) and burst RAM where you can temporarily use more RAM, up to say 256MB, for short periods. Also with the advent of 64-bit processors, servers can have 4GB and 8GB now which makes for much better slices.

            When I got VPS, the technology was not mature yet and the 128MB was a straightjacket. It's probably a lot better now. Also what's nice about VPS is for $40-60/mo you are getting a fully supported setup that will resolve problems for you. An UNSUPPORTED dedicated server starts at $79-129 and a SUPPORTED (managed) dedicated server is like $250.


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              Hi there
              I'm new to all this, and don't want to hijack this thread, but in common with Slobizman, I want reliability and problem free operation of my forum above price, so am looking for recommendations for a UK based host with this in mind. I currently have a website with EliteUKServe, who are ok, but they tell me I have to have a separate site to host vbulletin as the windows package I'm signed up for doesn't support php. This is all a learning curve to me, but I'm told I can get around the problem by having a separate Linux site for vbulletin, with a link from my existing website.

              So, my question is, (sorry to blather on a bit) can anyone recommend the best solution.

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