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Can this be done in vbulletin?

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  • feldon23
    Online is the way I am aware of.

    Also, when an admin logs into the Admin control panel, they are considered to be logged into the site as well and show up in Who's Online.

    If you want to watch users without them knowing you're there, you might want to create a "sock puppet" account which is just another admin account you create for yourself and set that user to INVISIBLE. Then the other users will not see you are logged in.

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  • Sweetie
    started a topic Can this be done in vbulletin?

    Can this be done in vbulletin?

    I have been researching vbulletin. I'm new at this but just have one probably very simple question that I wanted answered before I purchases vbulletin. Does vbulletin have an option that allows the administrator to view at all times what the members are doing without using the online feature?

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