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    I am posting this here, because this board won't let me post it in the "How Do I?" section. I have a licence, but have never managed to relate this to an account on this board. Please forgive me posting it here... but I don't have time to mess about half the day setting up an account that won't link to my paid account. If you get my drift..... as I am guessing that's why I cannot post in the other forum. Things are not too clear on here about that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have searched the manual, I have searched this board and even run it through Google...... but I cannot find instructions on how to set up a Private Forum. Not a Private Forum that only allows mods and admins..... but a Private Forum that one or two regular users can post and read in. Is there a masking thing? Or is it purely a Usergroup thing? I know how to do most everything else using vB, but this simple task escapes me....... as there are no clear instructions on the web that I can find. Any step by step help appreciated.... as I just want to invite a few selected users to their own little private area. Many thanks.

    Why are carriage returns not working on this forum?? ??
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    To be able to download attachments and post in the support forums you need to register your email address for Priority Forum Support. To do this, please go here:

    ...and enter your email address (the one you used to register on the forums) in one of the boxes. You'll need to have your customer number and password to access that page.

    NOTE: The most common problem is that people are registered with a different email address than they think they are.

    Also please make sure you have activated your forum account by clicking on the link in the activation email after registering or changing you email address. You will not be able to post until you activate your account.

    You can use this link to get the activation email again:

    And finally, when you make these changes the effect is not immediate. It takes a few minutes for the system to update your status.
    Best Regards,
    Andy Huang


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      Been there..... tried that....... and it doesn't work. Seriously, it must be a bug somewhere.

      Is there any chance someone could give me advice please?


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          Friendly bunch ain't ya.

          I'm just asking for a little help with a product which I have purchased. Surely the method of setting up a Private Forum is not rocket science? I have stated that I cannot set up an account on this forum to ask properly. I apologise for my incompetence, I really do. Please can someone explain the best way of doing this? Thanks.


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            Well, sometimes the forum's auto-mails tend to bounce on the net when sent to a specific domain. I've had this issue on and a few other forums with my addresses for example. So the quickest solution to solve that issue would be to try reactivating your forum or customer account with an alternate e-mail address.

            Edit: Excuse me, but why can't you set up an account? It takes only up to 10 minutes.
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              Please open a support ticket with us via this form about unable to post in the member's forums while giving us a link to this thread. That way we can match up your customer profile and tell you what you should do from there.
              Best Regards,
              Andy Huang


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