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phpBB conversion and bandwidth ???

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  • phpBB conversion and bandwidth ???

    I am running phpBB 2.0.20 with a few mods (quick reply and some BBcode mods) I am wondering if, with respect to members and posts, the conversion to VBulletin will be pretty painless, and also, if people converting to VB have experienced any significant changes in bandwidth (assuming same level of user activity)?


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    There is a free thing called ImpEx that allows the importing of phpbb...

    I am pretty sure that the bandwith will remain the same, because it depends on your hosting company and the number of people that your community has..


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      well there is bandwidth and there is mysql load.

      for me, high mysql load was very possible in phpbb. and the reason was i mod it all the time and although i was always be careful of what mod i used, but still some mods would ask too much queries form the database and the site would slow down. something that barely happen to me now on vB. if you use most of the mods from there is no worry.

      also im getting more bandwidth now. The reason isnt much because of the convert. its because vB is more optimized for search engine and the archive feature gets me on google search all the time so more users would come, more registration, more post = more bandwidth. oh also for whatever reason for people who check their site on my page views also increased!!! so may be it is because of vB

      Also, HUGE advantage is that installing mods in vB is so sweet. you have no idea the amount of time im saving using vbulletin. its mostly "a" click and im done. rather that wasting hours adding code in templates or source file in phpbb.

      so that how its working for me


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        Yep most of the mods for phpBB are built into vBulletin.


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