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I have an idea, but could use some help..

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  • I have an idea, but could use some help..

    Ok well I have planned to try and build a forum for quite some time and always figured I would go the Vbulletin route although I am curious as to if its necessary to do right now....I am familiar with a bit of html aswell as do most of my own graphic work and will be dropping some change to really try and get the forum on its feet. Should I get one of these freebie boards untill it gets enough activity then go with vbulletin and transfer over or is that a headache?? I'm not even 100% sure of what vb is, is it mainly a software that is a forum control panel so to speak and what is the difference between vb and abadvanced as I have seen mentioned around.

    I would like to get something going soon, but I just dont want to get over my head...Is it fairly easy to install and get up and running and also modifications to your forums wether it be deleting posts, changing colors of the forum etc. is that done via vbulletin or is that done more through coding html??

    also I know I am going to need someone to design me a custom skin does this take along time should I build the forum and design etc and THEN get the license so theres no dead months..or is getting a custom skin fairly quick once you have an idea of what you want colors etc.

    All and any help would be highly appreciated...I know I am ready to make it happen, just not really sure of the best steps to take and dont want to backtrack...

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    First of all it can use .HTML files in the members area but its not recommended your better of using .PHP files

    As for what is vBulletin its a forum software product and I have to say its one of the best I have used the forum software gets updated a lot and when there is an exploit found its fixed within minutes as for the support its first class.

    I use to use PHPBB but switched to vBulletin and its the best software I have purchased.


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      I would say to go with vBulletin first. Even though it can import from your old boards, it can not get your user's passwords.

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        yikes I have noticed most boards have .PHP and just my luck I am not familiar with PHP in the slightest...

        I have pretty much made up my mind already to just go with vbulletin. Since I plan on using vbulletin myte aswell use it from the start, I'm just not sure WHEN I should get it...because I am worried that it may take some time to get a nice skin customized etc.

        Can any one drop some info on the process they went about it when they started out....

        Like I said I know a bit of html and can design graphics but dont have a clue about I doomed...

        I really don't have the time to learn it either, I am trying to get up and running as soon as it a situation where I have to learn or Im stuck or can I have some one design and code the whole forum and then I can just use my genral knowledge of html to make modifications?

        sorry to seem like such a newb but I just want to make sure the money is spent on something I can make happen...I would hate to buy the license and it takes me a year just to get a forum up and running lol you know....

        any tips or input would be highly appreciated...


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          If you don't know PHP, the only problem would be the config file that you have to set up. Other than that, everything is controlled from the ACP. From forums, to styles...


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            Try the admin demo and check out the style manager - it's very well designed, almost impossible to break if you mess a template up you can just revert it.

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              Whatever you do, don't get a free hosted forum like ProBoards, EZBoard, etc. because your data will be "trapped" and it will be difficult or impossible to transition to vBulletin later on. There is a "harvester" script for EZBoard to download all the data and they make it as easy as they possibly can, but users still have to re-register. ProBoards, there's no way to get the data.

              You do not need to know programming to install phpBB, SMF, or vBulletin. Step-by-step instructions exist for all.


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