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  • programmatically adding users

    We're looking at vb, one of the things we want to do is programmatically add users to the forum. We'll have an initial load of users, and perodic additions of new users (all coming from another system). Eventually we'll want to add something more elegant like single sign on against the existing system, but for now...

    Ideally we'd add the user without forcing them to click a link to confirm they wanted to be added.

    Should be be stuffing these into the database directly or is there an API or web service we can use?

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    Read the API { } and get familiarize with vB_DataManager_User would be my recommendation. Though, we don't provide custom coding service/support, so your techs will need to sort that out on your own / with help of members at
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      Email confirmation can be set on/off in the AdminCP, but it's a site-wide setting & cannot be set as a per usergroup without custom coding. Also there's already a detailed thread about adding users automatically over at, but I suppose you'd not be able to see the code since you're not a verified customer as of yet.
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        i've done this it was fairly easy to do however depending on how your system you are importing from stores passwords you may have a slight issue with that - i overcame this by changing the format of the passwords in the system the users were coming from.

        If you need help there are request forums on and there may also be a mod already released to bridge from what you are using now. Dunno if i'm allowed to post code here so i wont but the whole script for what i needed was only about 1k so its a fairly easy task.
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          The Tutorial Index at is the real deal.

          [How-To] Add New Users contains example code.


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            feldon23 I took a look at the How to you posted and agree this has been a great help. But I'm wondering where I can go to find additional info re what may have been changed since that posting and the latest version for vB. Specifically how to set the following that I've been running into problems with.

            $newuser->set_bitfield('options', 'receivepm', '1');
            --this dosn't seem to set the "Receive Private Messages" for the user to "Yes"

            $newuser->set_bitfield('options', 'emailonpm', '1');
            --this dosn't seem to set the "Send Notification Email When a Private Message is Received" for the user to "Yes"

            Pop up a Notification Box When a Private Message is Received
            --not sure what the option is to set this one?


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              As this is the Pre-Sales forum we cannot offer specific assistance which goes beyond pre-sales queries. Please post in the correct forum for your version.
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