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  • Needing a little information

    Hi, i've been on some vbulletin boards for quite some time ow about runescape, and now it is time for me to set my own website up, i have got an advertising scheme ready to be set up on 55 different websites( didnt cost me alot there all very nice and active) But before i set it up i wanna know and want some of these things

    Things i want for my website:

    like for runesccape with player mods they have silver crowns next to them, how do i get that next to the users that are corresponding to mods/elites on my website

    (an example of this is

    i would also want to know, how to get a dark scheme color for the background (pretty simple for you but i don't know.)

    i want these user groups and these colours for the user groups

    admins - gold and bold coloured name with a gold crown next to it

    jr admin - <- singular, i want this to be a dark green colour thats underlined but no bold and no crown next to it

    elites (these are trusted people) <-- a dark blue colour thats underlined

    super moderators - dark red thats bold and underlined also with a silver crown at the beggining of there name

    moderators - a orange colour thats underlined and is bold and has a silver crown next to there name

    i am willing to pay for someone to work beside me in this, if your expericened at this type of thing, please add me at samilli[email protected]

    and we can discuss a deal.

    Thankyou for your time.

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    It is against the forum rules to advertise for paid services here. Try
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