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  • Latest posts but in web home page?

    I've been wanting to buy the newest VB, but I first want to know about a particular feature. I've been searching the forums and have found plenty on getting the latest posts to the forum home page, but I want to post them to my website home page. My forum is a sub domain of the site I want to post the latest posts to the web home page. Here is an example if that makes it easier. This is exactly how I want to do mine, they have their latest posts on top right of home page and their forum is located here
    Thanks in advance for the help and advice. If their is a mod for this, please post link to the code and I will be right back with my license

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    This is easily done in a number of ways, for example there are instructions available on our website here:
    HowTo Display Latest Active Threads on ANY normal HTML page

    There are also a number of modifications to add forum content to your main site page which can be found at our modifications site
    Kerry-Anne :)

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      Cool, but I guess I left a part out, will this code post it to simply view on a html page or will you be able to click on each individual post and hyperlink to the post in the forum? That's what I want to be able to do is click on any of the individual latest posts and be taken directly to that post in the forum. Thanks again for the info.


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