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I'm a newbie and need detailed help from start to finish.

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  • I'm a newbie and need detailed help from start to finish.

    Hi guys, I'm sure this has been asked a million times and I'm sure it must be getting old...

    Anyhow, I'm set to buy but before I do, I need to make sure that I get all the right stuff.

    I found vbulletin from a forum that I frequent and I thought it was soooo cool!


    1). Purchase Hostican $6.95 ;
    200,000 MB (200 GB)
    Number of Domains

    Special Offer

    Monthly Bandwidth


    2) download a php. (free?) could you provide me a link of exactly what I need to download?

    3) I downloaded a mySQL for free... but I am not sure if it's anygood. It won't open up. Could you provide me a link. (found it on google)

    4) try the 24hr free demo of Vbulletin

    5) Purchase one license Vbulletin lease, setup and enjoy.

    Is that all?

    Thanks in advance

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    1.) Your hosting package. It looks as if you are going for a reseller package. Do you really need that much space? If your website is just starting out, get a regular shared hosting account ($6-$14/month). Do NOT and I repeat do not go for the cheapest package with the largest amount of space and goodies.

    Many hosting companies oversell webspace. They offer loads more space and sometimes even "unlimited" bandwidth. What most don't realize is that before you might even reach 1/4 of that space or bandwidth, they will shut you down. Why? Because if you are using up that much, then you will be using up "CPU power." In other words, your website will be hogging up all of the server's resources. I recommend you search for a hosting on sites such as WHT (Web Hosting Talk). Don't buy a whole office complex if you only need an office right now.

    There is a thread on the forums for vBulletin hosting options. The thread is here.

    2.) No need to download PHP. The PHP language is already installed on the server/website. PHP v4 and v5 seem to be supported on that hosting package.

    3.) In regards to MySQL, that is not something you normally download. If you are using shared hosting space or reseller space such as what you are looking at, it's usually alredy installed. According to the package details, they support PHP v4 and v5. In addition, they also support MySQL v4 and v5. Therefore, no need to download.

    4.) Signup for a demo account here.

    If you are not familiar with PHP, MySQL, and so forth, you can either try to find someone on the forums that may be willing to install if for free or a fee. You can also try the hosting company that you choose, they may do it for you. Finally, vBulletin does offer a professional installation for $135. More information about the professional installation is here.
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      Thanks Kewlkat!

      Actually the Host (HostiCan) was recommended on the VB boards from another member. Just wanted to confirm it for sure, before I make a $6.95 purchase.

      I don't need that big. In a year, I'd be lucky to have a 1000 memembers... (but that's hard to caluculate.)

      So basically, I don't need to worry about php and mySQL as long as my host supports it?

      I just want to do a month to month web host.

      I'll go read those links you sent right now.


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        Originally posted by SizzleSale
        So basically, I don't need to worry about php and mySQL as long as my host supports it?
        Correct. The only time you would have to download and install PHP and/or MySQL would be if you were running your own server and the server didn't have those features installed already. As long as your shared host says that it supports PHP and MySQL as Hostican does, then you're good to go.

        All you will have to do is upload the script (vBulletin), install, and configure per the instructions.

        Best of luck to you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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          I purchased the small buisness account from A2hosting. $9.95 month. maybe I can host VB and another website off it?


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            Well, hosting VB shouldn't be an issue as it has the major requirements for the installation of vBulletin. As for hosting an additional website, that I cannot say for sure. There are a few variables that come in to play in regards to the answer of that question.

            1.) How many users will be on the vBulletin board.

            2.) How many visitors will be on the other website.

            3.) How much system resources will both websites be taking up.

            I'm not trying to scare you, I just like to point out that hosting companies offer large amounts of space and bandwidth to get you to sign up. Issues can come about if your website becomes too resource intensive. If you read the TOS (Terms of Service) agreement of your host, you will see the mention of your site not being able to use up too many resources.

            If your website is just starting out, then you should be smooth sailing.


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              It's small right now. The second webpage would just be a blog or something to help funnel traffic to my primary web page.

              I just did a history search on previous VB buyers and it appears that alot of interest fizzle. So that's another reason why I paid more for a month to month host. I might get overwhelmed.

              I've been playing around with the Demo and wow... I thought it would be easier than that. I thought there would have been some pre-made skins.. I'm an idiot with HTML. I have prostores and all I have to do is just point and click for any template.... it's that easy.

              I spent 12+ hrs on just the template thing (in the VB Demo) and I have it all messed up! LOL!!!

              I haven't it made it to see the other features it offers yet. I'll have to spend a month studying it and reading the manual just to have basic knowledge. Haaahaa


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                I have not yet purchased vBulletin, but plan on doing so very soon. In regards to the skins, there are skins (templates) as well as mods at

                When I used the demo, it seemed easy for me. Quite a few more customization options than I am used too, though. For quite a few years, I have tinkered around in web design and the use of PHP scripts such as phpBB, CMS scripts (e.g. Joomla, XOOPs, phpNuke, PostNuke, etc) as well as a decent number of other related technologies.

                Personally, I think it's going to be a very interesting ride. I am looking at using vBulletin in conjunction with a CMS (Content Management System). Still undecided on which CMS, though.


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                  As far as skins you can also perform a Google search there are many companies that design skin specifically for Vbull and then sell them...
                  Here I go again...
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