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  • Can VB Do This?

    I have plans of purchasing VB in the next few months to develop a site of mine. I have used phpBB for years, however, have noticed many security issues. In additions, the plethora of security settings you can implement with regular VB (i.e. without any mods installed) far surpasses phpBB (even with large amounts of mods installed). My plans are to use a CMS with vBulletin. The CMS I was looking in to was subdreamer, however, it seems their presales support is a bit slow.

    In regards to VB, I was wondering if I can add custom fields for different groups. I want to have certain fields for regular registered users. Then, I want another group for attorneys. For attorneys, I want to add fields such as address, phone number, and license number. Is there a way I can set it up to not only add certain fields for certain groups, but also require these fields be filled out.

    Finally, is there a way to add a "status" to a group. For example, when an attorney would first create their account, they would of course have to add all of the information I specified above. In addition, they will have to activate their account (via the regular activation email that VB sends). Now comes the issue. Until I manually validate their credentials, I would like it shown on their account that their validation is still pending.

    I want it this way so that if they post to the forums, people will see that they are listed an an attorney, however, validation of their information is still pending. Granted, I will have a disclaimer stating that a simple validation process is used and that one should still seek the direct professional advise from an attorney and similar legal disclaimer.

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    Custom filed per usergroup is not available right now... If you can have it set as an optional field, however, it might be possible to use template conditionals to hide specific fields for those that are not in the group, and achieve a similar effect.

    You can create as many usergroups as you want... however, since after user confirm their email address, they're automatically placed into the registered user group, the only way you can achieve that effect is to change your registered usergroup into this pending verification group, and then create a new group which have the usual expected permissions.

    I think, personally, that a better way to do this is perhaps have a separate custom coded form all together for them to apply to list themselves as attorney, which they will need to provide all your required information, and you then manually approve them into the group...
    Best Regards,
    Andy Huang


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