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    I've been reading the pre-sales forum, which has answered a lot of my questions, but I still need some help to pull it all together. Hope you don't mind an explanation of what's happening, so someone can point out any issues I haven't considered.

    The Situation Part 1: For about 5 years, I've been an active member of a community that runs on vBulletin. The site consists of just the forum. The owner now has a life and has been letting the site/forum slide. Things came to a head last week with a message from a "friendly" hacker (the type that just says, "Hey, look, I broke in - you'd better fix your security"). Not a big surprise, since the forum's running on version 3.0.3! Of course, the owner hasn't put any money into upgrades for quite awhile and doesn't plan to now - the hacker's note is still blocking the forum's home page.

    The Situation Part 2: The owner has offered to transfer the forum to any interested moderator (of which I'm one) first, before he looks for other buyers. I have a content site in the same niche, to which I've been thinking of adding a forum. I wasn't planning to use vBulletin if I started a new forum, but if I move the current one to my site it would be an attractive idea since the members are already used to using it.

    From reading this pre-sale forum, my understanding is that the process would be:

    -- Current owner would have to renew the (owned) license for the $30 annual fee. Question: Would it be necessary for him to do the upgrade to the latest version before he transfers the license, or could I do that afterward?

    -- I'd buy the license directly from the owner (that is, I'd pay him, not Jelsoft).

    -- One of us [which one?] would report the transfer to Jelsoft; I assume there's a way to do that somewhere on this site.

    -- Then the one bit I haven't found an answer to: How do I transfer the license from the current domain to mine? I'd assume that would also have to be registered with Jelsoft. I definitely do want the forum on my site, but I don't necessarily want to move the whole thing there, unless that would be the simplest way to go.

    -- My understanding is that then I'd own the "owned" license, and could pay the annual $30 (which, believe me, I would do!) for upgrades, etc.

    Do I have it right? Are there things I've overlooked?

    A side issue is that my original plan was to use a forum program with a built-in component that allows members to have individual blogs, as that's become very important in the niche. I think it would be worth using vBulletin in order to keep the forum's original set-up going, but if there's no blog add-on in the near future (I read somewhere on this site that one's expected in a couple of months?), I may need some suggestions on how to add that capability.

    Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions...

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    1. Yes he has to renew, but no he does not have to upgrade.

    2. Yes, you purchaser the licnese from him, assuming it is eligible for transfer.

    3. He needs to make the transfer request.

    4. You would have to move the database and files to your server.

    5. Assuming this is an owned license and eligible for transfer, yes.
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      Thanks. It looks as if one of the members wants to take over the forum and keep it where it is, so I've passed on what I found out here and told him this forum is very helpful.


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