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I have phpbb 2.0.22 try to convince me to buy vBulletin.

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  • I have phpbb 2.0.22 try to convince me to buy vBulletin.

    I have tried the admin test thing and it looks impressive but i need more convincing. Why should I change from phpbb to vBulletin?

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    phpBB is an open source solution written by people who spend their free time on it.

    vBulletin is a visible source solution written by professional developers who do this for their living, and still put their heart and soul in it.

    Performance, usability, user-friendlyness, security, feature-rich (complete! with global and per user options, permissions), and used by 75% of the biggest forums on the internet and many well known companies. And still a product for starting, small web sites, and consumers. It's flexible, enhanced and the total solution for anybody who wants to customize their forum to their own taste, and still receive support (which is free with vBulletin) and have it backed by a huge supporting community.

    And because it's awesome


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      Can i easily convert my phpbb database?

      I also have these questions:

      1. What custom features can i give users that can be applied to user groups differently? I mean payed percriptions. (eg advatar size limit). List as many as you can.

      2. Can i allow users to merge sub forums into many?

      3 Can i have a statistics page showing statistics about my forum?

      4 Can i customise moderator control so i can give them administator controlls of my choice?


      EDIT: Is there a wide range of frequent mods in case i want to add something to vBulletin?
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        Yes, we have a script for phpBB to import your data over. has more info (see impex systems > tier 1)

        1. All the permissions in the usergroup you can switch between YES/NO can be managed as custom feature. You can make 1 default usergroup, and another one for YES permissions. Then set up paid subscription or normal promotion system to handle upgrades.

        2. Threads can be posted by users in forums. Users can't merge forums. They can't merge threads. Only staff can merge threads I believe.

        3. The What's Going On Box on the frontpage of the forum shows statistics of the latest registered member, the users online, the total amount of registered users. And when the most users ever online were. And also the amount of active users in the last X days. It also lists the amount of threads and replies made by users. The forums also show how many visitors are browsing a forum. And it also lists who's browsing which forum (if you go into a forum) and who are browsing a thread (if you go into the thread). As admin you have more stats from the admin control panel.

        4. You can give moderators access to mod permissions (sections) of the modcp - you can't give them access to the admincp. They have to be upgraded to an admin. Once admin you can give them admin permissions (sections).


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          Plain and simple its better. I was a phpBB user before using vbulletin, i will never swicht back to phpBB
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            When i assign someone to be a admin i don't have to give them all admin functions though do I. Also i'm using a mod for phpbb that gives lots of mod statistics. View it here - Is there a function or mod that allows me to do this in vbulletin. Also i forgot i have one more question. Can i asign awards to users (eg top poster) automatically and give them benefits?

            If my phpbb forum gets busy i'm very likely to change to vbulletin. tHere isn't much point right now because i only have about 7 users. When i reach 100 users I should (If i'm ever that lucky). I'm quite impress with the features i must say.


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              It depends how the mod is coded. I dunno.

              But yes, we have admin permissions - by default you have to change their NO permission to YES ... for example to give them permission to manage settings, styles, forums, etc.


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                I look into mods and see what there is. I'm quite sure to be getting vBulletin either way though. If anyone can tell me if awards are possible it would be nice.
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                  Originally posted by god0fgod View Post
                  I have tried the admin test thing and it looks impressive but i need more convincing. Why should I change from phpbb to vBulletin?
                  At the end of the day IMO you get what you pay for and phpBB is Free VB is paid for.

                  I have used phpBB and whilst pretty good, doesnt come close to vB especially the support.


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                    So can awards be done?


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                      Originally posted by god0fgod View Post
                      So can awards be done?
                      Yes, awards in some sort are possible. There are out of the box features like karma/reputation where users or staff only can award users karma or even take it away. Theres other options available. Also at, you can find thousands of mods and plug-ins that can be used in vBulletin and I know theres at least 50+ award style mods over there.


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                        Hi god0fgod, I converted from phpBB 3 weeks ago, and will never go back.

                        Members love the new forum. It uses only a third of the bandwidth it did on phpBB , is busier than ever before, and much much faster than it was with phpBB, and the biggest thing of all :

                        I have ZERO login & cookie problems, I had endless problems with logins on phpBB and had many users ( especially AOL ones) who couldnt post at all.

                        I have all those members back now, singing praises that they can Finally post again.

                        My biggest regret is that I didnt make the move to VB 2 years ago.... but instead stayed with phpBB that long ( close to 3 years).

                        VBulletin is the totally awesome, there is no way to compare the 2.. It honestly is like comparing chalk with cheese... The 2 are just nothing alike... VBulletins features are endless , what is default in VBulletin would have needed endless mods in phpBB.

                        The VBulletin support is outstanding, I havent ever come across support of a standard this high, nor so fast, nor so friendly.



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                          I will get it when my board is ready.


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                            Originally posted by god0fgod View Post
                            I have tried the admin test thing and it looks impressive but i need more convincing. Why should I change from phpbb to vBulletin?
                            Three major reasons:
                            • A) Features
                            • B) Reliability
                            • C) Awesome-ness
                            But seriously, the difference between phpBB and vBulletin is like night and day, as I'm sure you saw when you took the vB ACP for a test drive. The first thing that you probably noticed is the difference in the amount of features available. vBulletin not only has more features, but it's a blast to manage, and fun to play around with. Sure; phpBB is easy to use, but so is vBulletin. Heck, even phpBB has a learning curve!

                            Also, many of the plugins available for phpBB are standard features in vBulletin. You are presented with a wide array of features and options that are not present in phpBB. In short, you have complete control over your board, and have the ability to change and/or modify anything you want. phpBB, in this respect, is quite limited.

                            Simply put, you will love vBulletin, and so will your members. I'm glad to hear that you took a test run of the software itself; it tells me that you are not rushing into making a decision, and you are serious about possibly making the switch over to vB.

                            I will get it when my board is ready.
                            You made an excellent decision.



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