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    I am in the process of researching the best programs out there to build a forum. vBulletin seems to be at the top of the list for a variety of reasons, but the look of my forum is the first consideration for me, and I'm wanting something a little bit unusual. If anyone is familiar with the datalounge bulletin board, I am trying to utilize a very similar setup. I want the home page of my forum to show the most popular thread, and the responses/posts to that thread. I think it's a great way to draw traffic inside the forum. Once in the forum, there is only one board, with each thread being it's own topic.

    My question is, can I set up a similar look and functionality using vBulletin, or am I limited to the more classic forum set-up?

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    vBulletin is made with easy of use and customization in mind. Using an advanced main css and template - style manager - to handle multiple styles in any design you wish, you can simply modify its layout and design if you know a bit of xhtml/css . You don't have to edit any .php or .css or .template file some forums use.

    Here is a list of some forums who've customized their design :


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      I have looked at the other forums, and while they are nice and attractive, I do not see any layouts that are even close to what I'm talking about, so I'm not sure that this can be done using vBulletin. is the bulletin board that i'm talking about, and as soon as you go to the home page, you will see the type of layout I'm after. TIA


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        That's the forumdisplay.php list, using a custom design. Looks pretty simple to do. A revamp of that template will list the title, the alt first 250 character of the post, and the poster .. clicking on it will load the thread.

        Should be doable yes.


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          Thank you so much! My last question is, once I purchase vBulletin and go to set it up with the forumdisplay.php list, will I be able to obtain help setting it up that way should I run into trouble?


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            Well, the customization you are looking for falls outside of the default vbulletin support. On that part we can't do much but guide you into the right direction. Which we have no problem helping you with. As for installing vbulletin. and setting it up, we have a manual and we can give free support on help with installing. We also offer an install service, which installs vb default on your web account.

   (24 hour free demo of vbulletin)
   (manual with install instructions and all that)


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              Well, as long as I can be guided in the right direction, once I gain a rudimentary understanding of the software, I should be able to get it customized myself. Just seems very intimidating in the beginning. I'm happy to hear that I will be able to get the layout the way that I want, thanks again for the help!