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Move host providers? change domain?

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  • Move host providers? change domain?

    I want to upgrade my current phpbb system right away, and I then will probably consider changing host providers, and possibly getting a new domain name for the board.

    Can I easily backup the database on the old host, and then install/restore on the new site? (and then of course the old site will be shut down) Is this o.k. under the license agreement?

    Do I need to buy a new license to do this? Or to register updated information with Jelsoft?

    What if I change the domain name?


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    As long as you only have your forum installed in one place at any one time then you can move servers and change domain. You just need to keep the information on your license up to date and correct.
    Kerry-Anne :)

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      Make sure you have your database backup for phpBB if anything happens, and for vBulletin if you are all done.


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        How do I keep the information on the license up to date? Is it a file on the server? Something in the database, Or do I have to notify Jelsoft?



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          This is done in your members area when you have purchased a license.
          Kerry-Anne :)

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            It is an easy to use Databse that you go in and click on the license number and update the URL as to were your vBulletin is located. I wouldn't worry too much about moving servers/domains just make sure to remove all vBulletin files off of your old host before placing them on the new host so you don't get in trouble for hosting two copies of vBulletin like that.


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              I don't know if this should be it's own query, but I have a board that isn't really active yet, but it's development is nearly complete for what I'm looing to do. But before I launch it, I want to move it to a new domain name with the same hosting company. I had a few questions.

              1.) Does anyone know what modifications I'd need to make to actual code/templates to make this work? I assume I'd need to change my config.php file, and possibly some of the things that I hardcoded in my navbar template, but are there others I'm overlooking?

              2.) Would it be as simple as copying the folders and putting them up on my new ftp and then deleting them off the old one once I've made sure it works. Also, is that legal?

              3.) Is there a thread out there already that details how to do this?



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                If the forum is still in the same account, you don't need to do anything but change the domain in your vBulletin Settings.

                Otherwise, you have to move the database and files, or at least the database, to the new location. But if all you are doing is changign the domain, yuo don't have to. You can even change the folders, but as long as it connects to the database, it is fine.


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