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i have question about use several domains on one VB

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  • i have question about use several domains on one VB

    hello , i have 1database & 1 license.
    and now i have 3 domaines parketing on my site . if i want to use my site, i shoild buy VB license or no?!
    i installed only one VB on my site

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    How do you have it set up?

    Parked? I'm not really too familiar with that, is that where one site is under the hierarchy of another, or do you have an example what you're doing so I understand?


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      Actually, it is One licence for One Site... if you want to have your 3 sites to have a "shared" forum, this is not against the rules if the content is the same for the 3 domains... BUT if you want to have a different forum for each of your domains, you have to buy one licence for each of these sites...

      the licence is not Per Server but Per Site...
      oh no, i'm not going with Xenforo... come on, i'm better than that... i stick with Wordpress... rofl


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        very thanks for you
        those forums are same but they used from 3 diffrent adress


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          same question.