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Some VB Questions before I convert

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  • Some VB Questions before I convert

    Hello all,

    I am currently running SMF on several websites..

    1. I want to be sure that I can convert that complete database including forums, users (with passwords), posts, and if possible images.

    2. If you take a look at: you will see that I modded the forum such that I can put a designator for each board (check mark or cross) to determine the quality of the program - Is there a way to do this in VB without creating my own modification?

    3. I would also like to create a new post category called 'Reviews'. This should basically be a themed post that would allow me to fill in information about the review (pre-defined information) and then it would be posted in a templateable fashion. This would be a lot like Sitepoint Marketplace does when creating a design contest, a site for sale, etc... Hope that makes sense.

    4. How easy would it be to integrate my theme with VB? I have heard that VB is difficult to theme, but that was some time ago.

    thanks a ton!!!

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    We do currently have an importer, and it should import everything listed here I do not believe you can import users passwords due to different hashing methods

    I'm fairly sure that it will require customization on some level, if it requires a code/database modification or not I cannot comment on as I'm not sure how you're doing it now.

    Theres nothing specifically like that by default and that would require modification

    I've never heard that vBulletin was difficult to style, actually it was one of the original reasons I chose vBulletin back in 2002 because it was easier to work with in comparison to others. The style system allows you to modify templates at your leisure via the admincp and it always has a master backup of the original template for reversion and comparison.


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      ok - sounds like it will require a lot of customization then to do this

      It was fairly simple of a hack that I had for SMF, basically I created a column in the db for the forum boards and dependent on that value displayed either a 'good' or 'bad' icon.

      I would have expected VB to have some kind of hack readily available to do that (hoped, really)

      Passwords - not a big deal providing the user could still get in and change their password to something.

      No hack for #3? Darn - I was hoping for some similar mod that I could customize to do what I wanted

      Theming - good to know... Maybe the person I asked wasn't very technical, I can't recall.

      Thanks and if there is anything more please let me know as I would love to move over if I could make a case to spend the $$$ and not have to spend all sorts of time modding.


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        #2. You can either use template conditionals like
        <if condition="in_array($forum[forumid], array(12,14,19,26,28)">
        <img src="greenicon.gif">
        <else />
        <img src="redicon.gif">

        or you can install this modification which lets you assign icons to each forum.

        #3. You might want to check out the Geek Article and Review System or some of the other "Articles" add-ons at Most mods for vBulletin do not require file modifications, instead asking you to upload an XML file and maybe some PHP files which are not overwritten on software upgrades.


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          ok - that makes sense.

          Is it relatively simple to use the authentication (login) for a whole site as well? I ask because one of my sites runs contests and by signing up to the contest - a forum account is created... Then entries to the contest are tagged by account name.

          Thanks again... I'll probably buy for 1 of my sites soon and it is this one with the contests, the other site would take a bit more work and I'm not quite ready for that yet


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            Sorry - found that info on my own rather quickly


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              No worries, it just means you're settling in and start picking up the little stuff.
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