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    Hello! I am very familiar with how vBulletin works, as Im an active moderator on two sites powered by vBulletin. However, I am interested in starting my own forum using vBulletin and am worried that it may be a little too advanced for me...

    I currently own a domain - a forum powered by phpbb. All I did was buy the domain name and the hosting, and an ex-friend of mine did the rest for me (downloaded whatever it was that made the forum run). The problem is that I dont really know anything about starting a website or transferring whatever I would have to transfer from my site now to vBulletin. Honestly, I think I need like a step-by-step "Everything vBulletin for Dummies" tutorial or simply hire someone.

    I have looked through many of the sticky's on this site explaining the installation and whatnot, but I still dont fully understand all of it. Ive made several vBulletin Demo's over the past week as well. Does anyone have any advice for me, or does anyone have a tutorial for dummies for me? I could write down each and every question I have, but Im not sure if that would be too much to ask...

    Thanks so much!

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    vBulletin is documented in-depth here:

    If you have any questions when actually doing the installation, we'll be glad to support you.
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      There is no 1 guide that will explain web hosting, editing configuration files, or importing data from one forum to another. You will need to use the various documents that are out there and here on to learn this.

      Importing from phpBB to vBulletin is not that hard, especially if you are patient and willing to learn.


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        Since you already have phpBB installed, most of the "hard work" is already done for you.

        the ImPex tool will convert your current database to work with vB, so you don't even need to create a database or set up a user or anything like that.

        if you can use the modCP, you can install vB. If you run into problems, just make a post


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          Its ImpEx brian


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            Originally posted by Zachery View Post
            Its ImpEx brian


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              Originally posted by briansol View Post
              if you can use the modCP, you can install vB. If you run into problems, just make a post
              Such a true statement.

              As a former administrator for a vB2, a few VB3's, and a moderator of many Vbulletin boards, I have to tell you that the above message is entirely true, because the CP for Admins is the same as the ones for Mods. The only difference is obvious: The structure in leadership.

              However, there are exceptions, some people can be a super moderator, but also have administrative rights.

              Wheezy, I am very much like you, and I'm going to buy a vbulletin myself, and from SCRATCH. I believe that you're going to put Vbulletin on a different server than the one that you administered a PHPBB on.
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