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  • vBulletin Updates / New Release Question


    I have been looking at the VBulletin software and have been thinking about a purchase, however I have the following questions.

    I am aware that if I buy a vBulletin Owned License it allows me to run the software on my site indefinitely. Along with this license, I will receive one year of free updates.

    However, after the one year of free updates, If I dont pay the $30 to obtain the updates for an additional year, would I be able to then the following year pay $30 to get updates, meaning that I would be missing a year without updates? . Hopes this makes sense.

    If I purchased vBulletin 3.6.5 and then when a major version like 4.x.x is released would I be able to update it to the latest version as part of the $30 dollars for updates, or would I need to re-buy a Owned License.

    What makes vBulletin stand out from the crowd?

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    1: Yes
    2: You will be able to update it.
    3: Well take a look at this list and see how many vBull sites are on it. (47 of the top 100 are run on vbulletin)


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      Originally posted by Southpaw View Post
      1: Yes
      2: You will be able to update it.
      3: Well take a look at this list and see how many vBull sites are on it. (47 of the top 100 are run on vbulletin)
      All correct . I must also add that the vBulletin support is simply the best and fastest software support you will ever find .



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        Support is indeed brilliant, well worth the 160$ ... and a whole lot more. The only regret i have is that i didn't step up to vBulletin sooner


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          Yes, you can buy the owned license for $160 and be done for life.

          If in the first 12 months after purchase date a new version gets released, for example. Right now we have 3.6.5, if 3.6.6 gets released - you can download it for free and upgrade to it. Or if version 4 or 5 or whatever gets released - you can download it for free too and upgrade to this.

          The upgrade procedure is a matter of uploading the files and loading upgrade.php in the browser. The script detects what you are running and which steps you need to take in order to fully upgrade.

          Ok, now, if in the future, say .. 3 years from now .. you need a new version your 12 free months have obviously expired. You can pay $30 to renew this extra-download access. It will start from the date you purchase it, and adds 12 more months. Then, if even a newer version gets released in those 12 months.. you can also get that one.

          vBulletin stands out because it is written with optimized code, performance and security in mind. And it is written by professional and trained PHP developers who do this for a living. And backed up by a team of professional support staff hired to give free support to the customer.

          We're looking forward having you as a customer.


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            3) In regards to question 3, the only thing holding Vbulletin back, is the lack of official Gallery, Blog, Content Management or other community based offerings that other forum software offers up with their official products.


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              to add to Shelby's comment...

              there is not official gallery or cms or blog YET... Blog/Community is not released publically yet... but will in the next X weeks...

              AND... there is some available alternatives that are provided for free like the portal... you can read on these addons on
              oh no, i'm not going with Xenforo... come on, i'm better than that... i stick with Wordpress... rofl


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