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  • feldon23
    If you are looking for a "standalone topsite script to buy" from Jelsoft, you may be waiting a long time, perhaps forever.

    It sounds like you want one that has no integration with vBulletin, so there is no reason it has to come from Jelsoft anyway. I'd just find and download/buy the best topsite script out there. The reason people want add-ons from Jelsoft like Blog, CMS, etc. is because it will be fully integrated with vBulletin. Ok, and the programming and support are top-notch too.

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  • nexialys
    there are already some toplist scripts that work with vBulletin... just do a search with keywords...

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  • Floris
    There is a lot of R&D going on I am sure, but for obvious reasons these details are kept internally. That said, the main product of Jelsoft is the message board, so I can imagine the focus will remain there. New products are in development, such as the blog and the project tools. These are addons on top of vBulletin.

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  • kuyenmotdivad
    started a topic vBulletin Team Question

    vBulletin Team Question


    I am just wondering have the "vBulletin" team ever thought of making another script something like for example "Topsite" script as I am looking for a very good one to purchases that gives regular patches and updates just like "vBulletin"

    PS - I dont want a "Topsite" script that runs along side "vBulletin" I am looking for a standalone one to buy.

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  • Sal Collaziano
    My Opinion
    by Sal Collaziano
    I'll be quick. Something about vBulletin 5 reminds me of OpenTopic.......................

    I understand that vBulletin is no longer "forum software" but a website building package...
    I agree with Sal
    I do not agree with Sal
    Sun 7 Oct '12, 9:06pm