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    Hello, i didn't know exactly where to post this but i have just ordered vBulletin and i am curious to when i will recieve it, i used the paying method of Paypal, its just i notice that it neglects to tell you how quick paypal verifies and only states the Paypal Check being 5-7 days.

    Any idea?

    Thank you.

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    Paypal is pretty much immediate unless it's a eCheck, which can usually take 3-5 business days to clear. License information is not sent until the payment has been received.


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      Thank you for that Boxy, well its not an eCheck so it should be here soon, thanks for putting my queries to rest


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        You're welcome. If for some reason you don't recieve the mail, let us know.


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          Thanks for that i will do

          EDIT: Nothing yet , i guess i'll have to wait to monday now.
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            Oh btw can i ask a question here, what world time will vBulletin be working at? Cause its american right? Meaning GMT-5 or so.


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              We have staff based all around the world, our phone hours are the only time based support/sales option which is 9-5 PST (-8GMT)


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                I see, i was just wondering because i know that would effect the time i would get seen too, thank you


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                  I decided to post in here as i dont wanna have like lots of different threads but here goes...

                  Basically the other day i purchased a vBulletin board using my Paypal account, pure money not a check and as said it will be a pretty much immediate reply but....on my paypal account it says no recollection of the transfer...yet i have an email saying the transfer has been made but my bank balance is still the same.

                  Is this an error with paypal and should i try again? or is this normal...sorry dont use paypal much.


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                    You should e-mail sales and let them know what is going on.


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                      To contact the Sales Department:

                      If you were emailed your vBulletin Member's Area Login Information, navigate to (if not logged in, it will prompt you to first login before submitting a ticket) to submit a ticket about your issue.

                      Either way will suffice, but you should definitely contact them about the issue so they can resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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                        Thank you guys, i have contacted them hopefully be hearing back soon.

                        Sorry if i sound a little impatient, i am just very eager to test it out

                        Thanks again.


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                          You're welcome Godsend19! I hope everything works out for you, and I hope you enjoy your new product when you receive it!
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                          The Relationship Forum is the best online forum for getting advice and help about romantic and non-romantic relationships, dating and marriage advice, and love.


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                            What i read here is that you made a payment directly from Paypal, but the cash was in your bank account...

                            that means Paypal have to finish the cash transfer from your bank account before the vBulletin transaction is concluded...

                            this is not related to vBulletin transaction, but between your paypal account and your bank... if you read well in your paypal account, "3-4 Business Days" is the delay for a "Transfer Funds From a Bank Account in the United States"...

                            it'S the same kind of transaction for the "Add Fund" than the Pay directly from Bank Account...
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                              it will take around 3-7 days depending on weekend, public holidays etc. because paypal has to access funds from your bank account it wont be instant. basically once it clears, everything will be almost instant.
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