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  • vBulletin VS IPB

    I am currently looking forward to use a powerful forum software for a big community site I am building.

    Most of the objection to IPB are toward their pricing structure that is changing quite frequently these last years. This ain't a problem to me, I am look for something enough flexible to fit my needs, the price wont be something influencing me.

    I will normally add a lot of features to the forum directly and modify the user cp to add a lot of features there as well. I would like to change the way the url scheme is (I saw a mod for this on, kinda SEO optimized URIs).

    With IPB there is an "api" interface to use the forum features on the external. Is it the same with vBulletin or will I need to custom script it by myself ? (I am referring to IPB SDK written by Pita).

    I saw the hook functionality that you implemented recently, honestly I find it really interesting ! But would it affect the performances really if I apply number of hooks ? Or the difference is not significant to really see it ?

    Would it be easy to extends the admin cp/mod cp to add control of the website as well into this ? Would it be also possible to change the place where the admincp is ? (instead of having it to [ /home/user/ cp] to have it to somewhere else directly different without to big changes ? like [/home/user/] )

    Like you see I want to make something comfortable to control over a big environment that I will modify for the use of the community.

    Else than those points, are there more features that would benefit a community website (oriented blogs/profiles [kinda myspaceish]/forum/news) with vBulletin, like to scale to big usage (with lots of modifications) ?

    I am sorry that this is a long post but I want to make sure that vBulletin will fit my needs for this special project. A custom made board would fit perfectly at some point but a board that is already written should help to haste things and at some point help with security.

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    API: vBulletin uses data managers which you can use to easily modify data. It depends on what you want to do exactly.

    Hook Performance: Th performance of a lot of hooks wouldn't make much of a difference, the code executed for them would likely cause a bigger load.

    Extending the AdminCP is easy, and changing the folder name is easy as well, though moving the AdminCP folder to a different folder won't work, as it references files from the /includes/ directory.
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      An API or SDK does not mean you don't need a "custom script" to communicate externally with IPB or vBulletin. You definitely have to do some programming. It just means there is some documentation and some hooks in the code to do it.

      You can add sections to the adminCP by adding XML files to your admincp.

      Moving the admincp out of the vBulletin folder and ABOVE the forum directory is not recommended and will require several code changes. Because whatever script you are using for the front page of your site will probably have its own cookies that would conflict with vBulletin's, you are best to just deal with 2 separate control panels for both. Most site admins are satisfied to just have the front-end bridged so that users only login once to access both the site and the forum.


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        Ahhhh the age old debate.

        Why not do a search of the forums first or google IPB vs VB? There are tons of IPB vs VB threads that may answer your questions.

        As for performance...yes...poorly coded plug-ins can affect performance and unfortunately it can be tough to find that out until its in actual use. Especially if you get too many of them which use system resources. Of course it will all depend on what type of server setup you have too.


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