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    We're looking at using vbulletin as the forum in a business-networking site. This will need the forum to open up in a frame within the site itself so it can't be accessed from outside the site. The site is built using .net 2.0/sql 2005. We're looking at using VB because, to be blunt, it seems to be the best solution of any forum package even though we have to use another programming language and another type of DB.

    The questions are:

    1. When a user logs into the .net site they also need to be logged automatically into the forum. What is the most efficient way of doing this and what variables do we need to pass data to? Please keep in mind the forum is in a frame and we're passing data from a .net site to it.

    2. When a user registers on the site they also need to be registered and authorised in the forum. If we simply insert a new record in the user table in the forum DB is this enough or are there any other tables we need to write to as well? Is there anything else we should know?

    3. Is it possible to disable and totally remove all reference to:
    a. PM's
    b. Calender
    c. Top graphic bar (where the VB logo appears on this forum)

    4. Finally, can someone please advise if RSS feeds from VB are planned? From looking at the user manual you can add an external feed to a forum, but you cannot subscribe to feeds from a forum.

    I know they're pretty easy questions, but just wanted to make sure there's no pitfalls or unknowns before we go ahead and purchase/integrate VB.

    Thx for the help.

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    1. You'll want to insert a record into the session table and set a cookie on the users computer. Look at vBulletins login functions for help with that.

    2. vBulletin has Data Managers which for example insert users into the database. I recommend you use these to add users, as a few tables need to be updated.

    3. b. and c. are easy, a. would require quite a lot of template edits though, as PM's are referenced in quite a few templates. It's definitely possible though.

    4. You can actually already have RSS feeds for the latest threads, and also limit this by forum.
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      Thanks Colin. We went ahead and purchased VB and have done most of the integration.

      The only difficulty we're having now is auto-logging forum members in when they login to the main site (not the VB page). The site itself isn't working yet, tho the forum is, we're doing localhost testing.

      Anyway, after the user has logged in what name should we give to the cookie and what are the variables the cookie contains?



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        Originally posted by Elisor View Post
        Anyway, after the user has logged in what name should we give to the cookie and what are the variables the cookie contains?
        Have you had a look at ?
        I'd use the same cookie as vBulletin itself sets.
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          No, I hadn't realised that was there - thanks for pointing that out

          Will go take a look and see if we can get it to work from there.


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            We've looked through all the info, but we can't figure out what the cookie name should be that we create when someone logs into the site (not the vb forum). Could someone please advise on this?



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              The API is not a primer on programming vBulletin.

              Here's the tutorial index:

              Might be worth a read:


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                Thanks. We've gone through all of them and we're still not able to get a user logged into VB through another site.

                I'm not sure if I'm asking the wrong question tho. Here's the Q direct from the dev who's working on it:

                "Is there is any function for login where we can put in a new php page and pass the username and password as a querystring, then a VB function does the user validation and then redirects to index.php with the user now logged in?"

                Thx again.


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                  We do not provide official support for custom coding. However you can try asking for this kind of help over at the vB mod site:
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