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  • Multilanguage

    Is possibile to install more languages inside forum and the user when signup select the language?

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    Yes, but they would choose the language after they have signed up.
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      You can test this here on There is a popup menu at the footer of each page with Language selection. There are some variations on English just for testing purposes. On your forum, you can put French, etc.


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        Hi All!

        I am a Hungarian guy and intend to license a Hungarian version of vBulletin. My question is, whether I will be able to install and effectively use English skins, addons, etc or will it look like a mess and I should just go for an English version then?

        I am asking because I expect to have a larger variety of skins, addons for the English version than for the Hungarian.


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          If the style (what you are calling a skin) has graphics with text, then that will be in English of course. If the style is a color scheme change, then that is fine. Note that styles can include just colors, just buttons, just graphics. A style does not need to contain "everything". You may be able to find button sets at that include the original button image without text. Then you can write your own button text in Hungarian and make a button set.

          Adding color schemes is pretty easy.


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