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Converting from phpBB 2.0.22

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  • Converting from phpBB 2.0.22


    I am considering purchasing vBulletin. However, at present I have a phpBB 2.0.22 forum, and would like to convert to vBulletin. Is this possible?

    Thank you,

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    Yeap I am sure it is, using impex.



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      yep use impex its in your members area


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        Yep did it yesterday.


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          Up Up Up


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            I am wondering about converting to vb and i have phpbb at the moment now i do not want to really take my forum of line for long while i do the transfer and i will have to crate my new skin so that it looks the same as phpbb.

            You mention here about impex what is this and how is it done ??


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              ImpEx is a free software add-on to vBulletin that you install for the express purpose of importing or exporting from other forums.

              You are welcome and encouraged to buy vBulletin, install it, get all the forums, forum permissions, usergroup permissions, and styles created and setup BEFORE you import the threads, posts, and users. Also, you are able to do those imports, see the results, tweak settings, and then re-import as many times as you want. You can reimport just certain things, or dump the entire import and start over.

              There is a good amount of documentation and I did a phpBB import a little over a month ago.

              Avatars do not generally come over. There is a little script that will import 30-40%. Whatever you do, don't "merge users" until you are absolutely done with the import and happy with the results. Merge Users is how you can login to vB, and then later merge all your posts under your username on the phpBB forum (which will show up as, for example: imported_coldclimber) with your username on the vBulletin forum (for example: coldclimber). If your users are making use of the Savebox for Private Messages, note that I had a problem with it. The Savebox (which I consider a confusing, absurd mix of ingoing and outgoing messages) is not a feature of vBulletin. I would increase the inbox/sent box limits on your phpBB forum and encourage your users to move all their messages out of the Savebox and back into the inbox and sent box before importing to vBulletin.


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                When converting from phpbb 2.0.22 is it possible, or perhaps even standard, for it to be a module within the phpnuke evo?

                Any help would be great. Thanks


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                  I don't know what that means, but our importer only imports the standard phpBB data.
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                    PHPNuke Evo works off of modules which are accessible from the admin panel. When the conversion is made is it still accessible from the admin panel or is there a new seperate admin panel needed to access vbulletin?


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                      vBulletin is its own software with its own admin panel.

                      PHPNuke and vBulletin will run alongside each other with no integration of any kind. Users will have to login twice.

                      When people decide to switch from phpnuke with phpbb forum to vBulletin forum, they usually end up switching their portal/CMS as well. There may be a phpnuke integration script at, I don't know.


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                        Alright, thank you.


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