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    Originally posted by Aurum View Post
    Quoting your signature, I meant that China has the national forum of support, and Russia is not present. Also I know, that private offers to Jelsoft in occasion of opening a similar Russian forum were done. But refusal on the ground that in Russia many pirates has been received. In this context I also have commented on your signature. Why it is possible for Chineses, and it is impossible for Russian?
    I also spoke not about the future, and about present Russian-speaking clients Jelsoft. Very much many of them prefer to get technical support at other forums. At Russian forums. And company Jelsoft disapproves to it extremely. And thus at all does not wish to open the Russian-speaking forum. But at such attitude of business will not changes in the best party
    Please, tell me honestly, do you expect a company like Jelsoft to accept an offer going from a staff member of the site that's been distributing the nulled versions of Jelsoft's software for about 3 years?
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      Originally posted by Aurum View Post
      <!-- snip -->
      Please note that never once did I say it is impossible to get what you want. I said it is not likely that there will be subforums here for individual languages due to obvious moderation and support issues. Additionally, I also mentioned that if you really want it done, posting here in the language is not the way to do it; but rather, you should present your business plans and service plans to Jelsoft in private. Finally, I've also mentioned that Jelsoft have had a firm stance on not getting any other distributors here on the forums, as well as via support tickets; however, they will most likely still give your proposal an over look if you provide it in detail in the correct channel -- IE: not here on the forums, but via email or alike. This does not, however, mean you will get what you want done, but it would at least get it nudged towards the right direction.

      Remember, there are a lot of things that should not and will not be discussed in public. And continuously pushing it to be discussed here will not get you anywhere.
      Best Regards,
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        We have already answered this. We are not adding official distributors and support sites at this time. If and when we do, it will be sites of OUR choosing based on the site's overall history and the competence of the Admins.

        People need not apply. If we want you, we'll contact you. Thank you for respecting this.
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