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  • time for maintenance?


    i was thinking of switching to vBulletin when i move off free server in a week or two.

    basically, i currently run phpbb off a free server which has no maintaince for upgrades and stuff like backups, so i dont have to do anything to keep the going and safe if you know what i mean...

    how much time a week lets say is invloved in maintaining a vbulletin forum. and how much would it be if i stayed on phpbb (i hear phpbb is way more time commitant)

    thnx for the help guys

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    That is hard to say, once it is set up you probably dont' have to look at it. It just depends on the spam you get or how active your members are and if they are; how well they behave. You can set it up and assign a moderator and have them take care of the content. I spend about 30 minutes per day on my forum going through little tasks that need to be done. Other people spend 6 hours per day .. it really depends on what you need to do.


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      I am also a big PhPbb-fan, but I must say on a daily base it does not make a huge difference if you have a PhPbb or a vBulletin. That is on moderating a board.
      But if you talk about upgrading, installing hacks, working on templates and support, I say you save allot more time with vBulletin.
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        yeh i have mods and stuff, and do a touch of modding (30mins a day) myself, and dont get spammed much

        so basically, im only talking installiont stuff, upgrades and backups

        so, i take it im gunna use vbulletin then

        how often do i need to backup and how often upgrade?



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          vbulletin have a regular upgrade system.,.. if you do not edit your files, you just have toi upload the newest version onsite, and then click to process to upgrade.. usually a few clicks later you're done... your hacks and modifications are not touched when you upgrade, so you loose no work on upgrading your scripts...
          oh no, i'm not going with Xenforo... come on, i'm better than that... i stick with Wordpress... rofl


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            hmm, that seems easy enough lol, not a prob

            damn free server admin guy telling me bull****

            anyways, what about backups?


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              vBulletin can run automated daily, weekly, yearly... etc backups automatically with a simple scheduled task, and a the backup script which is included with vBulletin.


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