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Multiple domains, multiple content.

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  • Multiple domains, multiple content.

    I just want to make sure I do this correctly. I'm going to be making another site and I want to know what I need to do exactly:
    Go to Renewals / New Purchases
    I want an Owned license, so put a 1 there and hit continue? Or is there another way I should do this.

    And do people that buy multiple licenses get a discount? I'm asking this b/c I'm apart of the affiliate all I would have to do is get a friend to buy it and then re-sell it to me if I did want the discount...correct? I'm just stating the obvious work around.

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    Hello, thank you for contacting vBulletin pre-sales and for your continued support in vBulletin.

    Yes, users who purchase multiple licenses will enjoy a discount if they buy more then one. It depends on your situation. If you buy them individually one by one, your third license will get a discount. If you buy multiple at the same time, as soon as you hit 3 you will enjoy a discount on them.

    If you want, I could take a look at your account and if you let me know how many licenses you want I can tell you how much you will be paying.

    If you have one owned license and buy another one, the second one will be $160 too.

    Yes, if you log into the members area, go to new purchases, and select owned license : quantity : 1, and continue, you will add one to your shopping cart, once paid for it will show up in your members area as a second license. You can then use that for the second instance of your vBulletin.

    About the affiliate program, we don't permit (as far as I know) that affiliate users purchase their own license. But yes, if someone else uses your affiliate link and buys a license and after 3 months transfers it to you, you kind of cheated the system I guess. Note though, if you want to enjoy the vBulletin members discount and a friend buys it, that won't apply because your friend will be a new customer.


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      Great! Thanks for the reply. I'm thinking about buying another owned license here in the near future. Would you mind telling me what the discount will be once I buy that? Posting here or via PM is fine.

      Thanks for the reply.


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        Yep, you have one owned license, so another owned license will be $160.


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          I was meaning after I purchased the one that I just purchased. So I have 2 owned licenses now, I was wondering what it will be for the 3rd license.


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            It would be $148.
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              If you buy the second and the third one at the same time, they will both be $148 each.


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