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  • one last question

    one last question before i purchase a licence monday, isit possible to transfer all the posts and whatnot from my modded phpbb forum to stock vbulletin forum

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    Depending on how much it is modded... If the table structure is completly altered, the ImpEx tool may or may not be able to fully import it. Typically though, you should be able to bring most of it over. Please note that ImpEx will most likely only work on base phpBB's DB; any hacks you may have installed will most likely not be transfered over even if there is an equivelent feature on stock vBulletin.
    Best Regards,
    Andy Huang


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      ImpEx will bring over the standard data, such as threads, posts, members, etc. However, it can't convert modified data or tables, and I don't think the passwords are saved, either.


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        Passwords come over from phpBB, as do Attachments.


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          i only want to bring threads,posts and what not no hacks will the impex tool beable to do this even tho hacks have been added to the db


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            ImpEx imports the data. It ignores anything it doesn't recognize as "stock phpBB" except Attachments. If you were running the Attachments mod, then those come over as well. Avatars also sometimes come over. There is a script (search here on the Import forum) that works better than the built-in avatar import.

            Users, Passwords, Threads, Posts, Forums, etc. all come over. Usergroups come over without their permissions so you'll have to set that up.

            VERY IMPORTANT: Do not "Merge Users" until you are absolutely sure you have imported all the data you want to and won't be importing anymore.

            Before you Merge Users, export the rows in the user table that are your "imported_xxxx" user. For instance if your Admin account is "feldon23", then if you imported, you would have "feldon23" and "imported_feldon23". You would want to export/backup that "imported_feldon23" row of the user table BEFORE Merging and then later on, if you do further imports, you need to reinstate/restore that table row to the user table, do the reimport, and then re-Merge.
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