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  • What Should I Do First?

    Hi All,

    Money is burning my pockets to get a vBulletin Forum, but my lack of knowledge is holding me back.

    Here's a few questions that I have:
    1. Should I buy or should I lease? What's the benefit of each?
    2. What hosting provider should I use? Why?
    3. How much disk space and Bandwidth do I need to start a Free Advertising Forum?
    4. How do I install the vb forum? How much do it cost to have someone to install it for me?
    5. Where do I get a header for my forum? How do I set up the header?
    Frankly, my forum can be plain, but I would like a nice header.

    Thanks In Advance!
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    The answers to your questions really depends on your budget. I'll assume you want to spend the least amount of money up front.

    1. Lease the license. You don't know how your board will do, so why pay more. Purchasing the license isn't cost effective for two to three years. That's a long time on the net.

    2. Use GoDaddy. They are pretty idiot proof, in terms of setup. Start with a web hosting account ~$3.99 per month, until you are ready to go live, then you can go live, or upgrade to a virtual or dedicated server.

    3. Unless you are going live with thousands of images or videos, the smallest package offered by your hosting provider should be fine. You can always upgrade when you need more space or bandwidth.

    4. The vBulletin instructions are pretty straight forward. The going rate for an installation is $50-$100. That rate doesn't include any configuration.

    5. What do you mean by header? Logo?


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      1. Eh, leased license cannot be sold, an owned license can.

      2. Godaddy is great for domains, not so great for hosting.

      4. We offer a professional installation, its 135 USD.


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        Going for owned license is the best choice. Not really possible to regret unless you plan on closing your forum within 1 year and never wanting to use vbulletin again.

        If you need assistance with your forum, you can "hire" people here or on to help you install mods etc.



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          Some of the "smallest web hosting packages" do not have PHP, MySQL, etc.

          I suggest for researching webhosts.


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            Hi All,

            I have moved a little closer to getting my own vb forum.

            1. I got the hosting.

            2. I will buy a forum instead of lease.

            The lack of knowledge on my part is still holding me back, but I am moving forward.

            How hard will it be for a newbie to install vb without help?

            If I paid now, do I have to install it when I paid for it? Maybe, if I pay for it I will be forced to move a little faster.


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              Its very simple to install. Just follow the directions.


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                Indeed, really easy to install, it is not worth paying anyone to install it for you. I found the guide really helpful and informative, though its easy enough that once you get used to doing it you could do it from memory.

                The readme that comes with it is great, just read it and you will get through it, its much better than IPBs
                - TomJames


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