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  • vBulletin vs SMF

    This has probably been asked so many times you can't count. My group uses the latest version of SMF (1.1.2) and I'm beginning to want more.. and vBulletin is the system we've been eyeing and I want to hear it from the current uses: How good is it? How much can you really do compared to SMF?

    Your comments will influence me as to whether I get the system soon since its one thing to see what it can do, but I want to know what everyone else thinks..

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    I think you can expect people to say a free version smf isn't really comparable against a commercial paid version vBulletin. And that they are obviously biased a bit as they're paying customers already; choosing vB over SMF already.

    I use SMF on a forum and once the owner has the money he's moving over to vBulletin asap. "It's just more complete", is what he told me.


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      That's what I'm saying to my co-founder right now :P We were wanting to change around August last year but with xmas approaching and I wasn't working.. so it was a no go till new years atleast.. now I work so its a viable option and I know my group will help on the costs.

      It really does seem like its more complete and stable.. What I really want is more accessibility with customising the forum for most uses. I also care not if people are biased


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        simply put...

        i don't like SMF's user permissions
        i do like vBulletins permission system.
        SMF is kind of, a bit ugly to be honest (even when it is custom themed i just don't like it)
        vBulletin is not open source, so the support you get is legit...
        vBulletin has a lot of moderation/administration features that SMF doesn't
        SMF does not compare to vBulletins wyswig .
        vBulletin displays the data in a more...mannerly way

        just some small things to consider smf is of course free.


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          Compared to vBulletin SMF isnt exactly easy to style/theme. SMF does have pretty good support but from what ive seen so far even the level of support doesnt compare to vBulletin but what you have to remember there is SMF's supporters are mainly volunteers and make no money from it. I changed my forum from SMF to vBulletin recently because i felt vBulletin was a more sturdy and secure sollution.


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            Thank you for the replies. It was just what I needed My co-founder and I are very much going to buy vBulletin now from the comments above and the small test of the demo we've done.

            I'm curious though: Can we add new fonts to the forum and if so, does each member need the font on their pc or not?

            This would be to use special fonts for certain posts.

            Also, with SMF you can change the look of the board through themes: How does vBulletin do it?
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              Yes, and yes.


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                Care to elaborate on the yes and yes? :P

                Also, I edited my last post before your reply.. I added in a bit and probably should have done it as a reply.. (Quering about themes)


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                  Yes you can add more fonts, and yes the users browsing the site would need to have them.


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                    Font embedding never really took off.

                    There are some ingenious methods to do it.


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                      How simple is ingenous? And where might I find the threads? Sorry, I'm at work at present so not digging around much.

                      Thank you for the reply!


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                        Well not sure if you care to look at the SE aspect of VB and SMF but maybe a small discussion i had with seo guru can be checked here
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                          Thank you

                          I've noticed how resource-light it is and that is one of the major reasons I am going with vB. The other reasons being that you can password forums where needed and the support we get through this forum.


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