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  • Q about standard features

    we are thinking about switching from phpbb and I was just wondering about certain features. Ive seen some of these features but Im just wondering if they come as standard or if they have to be added...

    quick reply

    I also really like the sub forum system VB has and I could get similar with phpbb but it requires a fairly big mod, does this functionality come with VB as standard?

    is there a multi-quote function with vb?

    do you add mods the same way as with phpbb ie cut and paste lots of code?

    if we were switching to vb would there be a problem transferring the attachments members have made in their posts?


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    Sub-forums, post attachments and "Quick Reply" are all stock features of vBulletin.


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      nice one, thanks. so I guess the muti quote is a mod, are they added in a similar way to phpbb?


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        We have a multi-quote sytem here in place. It is stock, but it might not be exactly what you are expecting.

        Any features found here on (with the exception of the bug tracker) are stock features.


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          nah thats cool, the multi quote here is nice.
          thanks for the super fast replies guys


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            Plugins require NO cutting and pasting of code. Editing the PHP files is not only rarely needed in vBulletin but discouraged as it makes upgrades difficult, as you're already aware of with phpBB.

            Security updates for vBulletin are typically possible by uploading one or two XML files through the control panel.

            It is a LOT easier to maintain vBulletin from version-to-version than phpBB.


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