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  • Converting to Vbulletin

    I currently have a PHPbb forum and I would like to switch to Vbulletin. Is there a way to do this without major brain damage!! If so, I would like to buy! Thanks!!

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    Yes it's quite possible. Simply use Impex and it will do majority of the work for you.
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      Great!! What is Impex and where do I find it? You mean I can convert all of the current posts and users to the new system?? Thanks for the reply!!


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        Impex is Jelsoft's importer for vBulletin. It's available for free in the members area to download once you've purchased a license.

        You can find out more about Impex at or
        ManagerJosh, Owner of 4 XenForo Licenses, 1 vBulletin Legacy License, 1 Internet Brands Suite License
        Director, | Gaming Hosting Administrator,, Urban Online Entertainment


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          Thanks alot!! I will be purchasing tomorrow!!


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            I'm also considering changing from phpBB to vBulletin and have some questions. I see that it is possible to convert members and posts etc over to vBulletin but I'm concerned if there will be any problems if I've added mods to my current phpBB board, I've added quite a lot. I don't understand this SQL stuff, but I know some of the mods I installed edited them (I used EasyMod), will this cause a problem? Starting over and losing all member posts isn't that big a negative, so if sorting out all the possible problems with mods is going to be a major hassel then I can just start over. If that's the case, how would I go about uninstalling my current forums and restoring the SQL tables (if needed)?

            Also, in regards to the domain where I install the forum, would there be a problem if at some time in the future I wished to change domains? Obviously, I'd unistall it from one and transfer it to the other so as to have only one instance of it, and thinking of buying the owned licence. I see with the owned licence it says acess to "new versions" stops after a year, unless I pay a subcription, is this just new versions of the actual main software ie. 3.7.0, or whatever, or does it mean I will no longer be able access and install any new modifactions that come out after the year, for example a new arcade mod? Can I chose to not subscribe to this initally, and then at any point change my mind and subscribe without incurring extra costs?

            How easy is it to install styles, and are there many avaliable, preferably free? Is it important to install the styles before any add ons/modifactions I make? With phpBB it became a problem trying to add new styles after I had added modifactions to it. The same question in regards to languages, if I add new languages to my board and then at a later point add new styles will the styles have the languages or will I have to manually update them?


            I ran vb_test.php and GD and magic_quotes_gpc failed, everything else passed. How do I fix this, and how important are they? Overall result was pass.
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              Well, it's been 24 hours without reply so I assume it's ok to bump.


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                For future reference you should start your own thread. There will be no problem running vB with those results.

                You can change forum URLs as long as you are only running one copy at a time.

                With an owned license you get the right to run the software forever and access to the download section of the Members Area for one year. During that year you can download and install any new versions that are released. After the year is up you can renew the download access for $30/yr (the current price.) This is not a mandatory fee and you will still the right to run your current version for as long as you want. However if you want access to future updates you will need to renew this access.

                Here is the online documentation for styles and templates:


                There are a number of free vBulletin Styles available to licensed customers here:


                There are also vB styles available at


                If there's anything I missed, please start your own thread.
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                  Forums, Users, Posts, and Attachments (re: phpBB attachment) are imported from phpBB to vBulletin. If there is other data associated with your users, it may be importable thru Custom User Profile Fields. vB lets you add an unlimited number of profile fields of various types (text, popup menu, checkboxes, etc.) I am not sure all the details of ImpEx.

                  No other mods for phpBB are imported.


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