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    Hi, just a quick couple of template questions

    1) Can you install a coded template during the initial installation process? (ie is it an option on one of the steps)
    Or, must you always wait to everything is installed before changing templates? (ie you will always get automatically assigned the default vB style on first installation).

    2) How easy is it to change the template/style, or add a logo, once vB is installed?

    3) If I get someone to code an original template, is this something I should be able to install without too much technical knowledge?


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    The installation needs to be complete before you install any additional styles. Installing a style is normally straightforward, and they should come with instructions on how to install.

    Changing the logo is just a case of uploading the logo that you want to use and then changing one setting to use that image.
    Kerry-Anne :)

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      Thanks Kerry-Anne. That sounds relatively straightforward.

      So, the person who codes the template would normally give instructions on how to implement it (eg change this to this, put that here, etc). Am I right in how I have read that?


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        Just to clarify, the terminology in vBulletin for a certain forum appearance is Style. Styles contain many templates which are HTML snippets that are glued together in different combinations to display each page. There are ~160 templates in each style. You can export a style, including CSS settings, templates, etc. as an XML file for importing into another vBulletin forum.


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          Thanks felton.

          Are there only a couple of styles?

          I think I have seen only a few fundamentality different styles, but I maybe wrong.

          Would it be right to say Style controls more the layout, whilst template is basically more appearance (eg colors, button styles etc)?

          So I should descide on a style, and get someone to code templates for several screens based on that style?


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            Templates are HTML snippets.

            Colors are in the CSS control panel.

            Buttons are graphics which are referred to by Templates and by StyleVars.

            StyleVars make it possible to change the logo graphic in ONE place and affect the whole style. Instead of <img src="images/buttons/quickreply.gif">, you'll find in the HTML that stylevars are used like <img src="$stylevars[quickreplybutton]">. This makes it possible to make a copy of a style, change it to a different color scheme, replace the buttons with buttons of a different color, all without touching a single line of HTML code.

            A style is a superset of CSS, one complete set of Templates, and Stylevars.

            Styles can be heirarchial in vBulletin, which is unlike many other forums out there. For instance, you can make a copy of an existing style and change 1 template and the other 159 templates continue to be inherited from the parent style and will receive any changes made to the parent. The same applies to color scheme changes. This makes it very easy to produce, say, a red variant of your main style without having to maintain every change you make on both styles.

            It sounds complicated, but it's really very logical and how styles were meant to be designed.


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              Thanks feldon,

              It may take me a little while to fully digest that. I am going to reread it a few times. I think I am now more confident of my general plan of attack now though, so thanks very much.


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